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Miami Meetup: Visualization and Data Fusion for Cybersecurity by Rich Zuech

If you are in the Miami area on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM please stop by for a Miami Data Science Meetup presentation by Rich: Visualization and...

Virtualized Cyberspace Example: Visualizing Three WPScan Events in Near Real Time

Here is an example of flying in virtualized cyberspace in near real time, looking at risks while enjoying cup of coffee, and quickly noticing...

Cyber Ranges: state-of-the-art and research challenges by Fang Binxing et al

Abstract: "Cyber Range has become a very important means to support tasks such as network security technology validation, network weapon testing, training of network attack...

Un aiuto alla sicurezza: visualizzare il Cyberspace – Difesa Online

Seems we have made the Italian press! Un aiuto alla sicurezza: visualizzare il Cyberspace - Difesa Online "(di Alessandro Rugolo) 07/08/17 - Il Cyberspace, inteso come...

Virtualized Cyberspace, Cyberspace Consciousness and Simulation Theory

Programming virtualized cyberspace is a process of virtualizing an abstraction (in this case cyberspace) by projecting something we cannot observe with our naked eyes...

Elon Musk Simulation Theory Interview – YouTube

Honestly, when I first heard this from Elon Musk, I thought he was crazy, but after working in 3D video game programming for nearly...
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