Fusion in CEP
Complex event processing (CEP) is an emerging network technology that creates actionable, situational knowledge from distributed message-based systems, databases and applications in real time or near real time. CEP can provide an organization with the capability to define, manage and predict events, situations, exceptional conditions, opportunities and threats in complex, heterogeneous networks. Many have said that advancements in CEP will help advance the state-of-the-art in end-to-end visibility for operational situational awareness in many business scenarios. These scenarios range from network management to business optimization, resulting in enhanced situational knowledge, increased business agility, and the ability to more accurately (and rapidly) sense, detect and respond to business events and situations.

Tim is not active in the CEP space these days because the term "CEP" is misused by marketing folks in software companies selling transaction processing systems to financial services. CEP has become mostly smoke-and-mirrors and the real "processing of complex events" is not done by the vendors in the CEP community. Tim is still actively engaged at the Unix and Linux Forums - Free tech support community for unix and linux users.