OWASP AppSec Asia 2008: Proxy Caches and Web Application Security


Back to travelling a bit, I have accepted an invitation from Wayne Huang, Chapter Leader, OWASP Taiwan,  to give the following presentation at OWASP AppSec Asia 2008, October 27 – 28, 2008, in Taipei:

Proxy Caches and Web Application Security

Abstract:  Proxy caches, combined with poorly written session management code, can easily lead to serious Internet security breaches. Web application developers cannot know whether their content is consumed directly or via a proxy cache. Developers cannot assume that the HTTP responses will be delivered to the intended browser. Moreover, developers cannot be sure that the intended browser even receives the intented content. Consequently, proxy caches are a serious theat to web application security.  In the presentation, we will discuss the recent security breach Tim found in Google Docs and review web application security and session management topics related to proxy caching.

Here is the link to the conference schedule (mostly in Chinese).