Looking toward 2017 and beyond, this is a follow-up post to our 2016 end-of-year summary an Update on 2016 Cyberspace Situational Awareness Research and Speed Bumps on the Road to Cyber Situational Awareness</a>.

Built using Unity 3D, this development by Zach Kinstner includes some initial sound effects, a hand-held VR menu panel, and a force-directed graph.  This sample Unity 3D apps by Zach requires an HTC Vive or Oculus VR headset and a Leap Motion Controller.

We are currently evaluating this type of VR force-directed graph setup to see if this approach is  appropriate for developing future cyberspace situational awareness applications; and we are starting work in 2017 to evaluate transforming the various “baby fusion” graphs we have created in 2D to 3D VR using the Unity game engine.