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Wall Street Firms Using CEP to Measure and Manage Risk

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Oct 27, 2008 By Penny Crosman URL: One of the many effects of the credit crisis is that Wall Street firms have found a new focus for their complex event processing projects. Although they’re not abandoning CEP-based algorithmic trading, new CEP initiatives are focused on measuring and managing risk. With its ability to watch [...]

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Events are the Heart of the COSO ERM Framework

Posted on 01/24/08 1 Comment

COSO was originally formed in 1985 to sponsor the National Commission on Fraudulent Financial Reporting, an independent private sector initiative which studied the cause-and-effects that can lead to fraudulent financial reporting.  COSO developed enterprise risk management (ERM) recommendations for public companies and their independent auditors, and also for the SEC, other regulators, and for educational institutions. [...]

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