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The Secret Sauce is the Situation Models

Posted on 08/09/08 No Comments

Alan Lundberg wrote, Intelligent Business Process Platform? in response to Bringing Order to Chaos where someone from PWC linked event processing to business intelligence and business process management.  In turn, James Taylor penned Using decision management to deliver intelligent business performance where James rightly said that it does not require “heroic efforts” to integrate event processing, BI, BPM and […]

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COTS Software Versus (Hard) Coding in EP Applications

Posted on 11/21/07 1 Comment

Opher Etzion has kindly asked me to write a paragraph or two on commercial-off-the-shelf  (COTS) software versus (hard) coding software in event processing applications.  My thoughts on this topic are similar to my earlier blog musings, Latency Takes a Back Seat to Accuracy in CEP Applications. If you buy a EP engine (today) because it permits you run […]

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Latency Takes a Back Seat to Accuracy in CEP Applications

Posted on 11/21/07 2 Comments

Opher asks, The only motivation to use EP COTS is to cope with high performance requirements” – true or false?. The answer: True and False. If high performance is discussed in the context of event processing speed and latency, then it is Absolutely False that speed and latency are the most important performance criteria for event processing applications.  Detection accuracy […]

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