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Truely Impressive New Sixth-Sense Technology

Posted on 03/14/09 1 Comment

Here is an amazing video by Pattie Maes from MIT Media Lab, presented at TED.   Pattie presents a wearable device cobbled together for around $350 dollars that consists of a camera, a small projector with a mirror, and a device to communicate with a cell phone.  I want to thank Perderabo over at The UNIX […]

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Apache Mahout: Real-Time Decisioning in the MapReduce Framework

Posted on 01/14/09 2 Comments

Here is a bit of good news for the complex event processing space.  Folks on the Apache Mahout developers mailing list are showing an accelerated interest in topics related to real-time decision-making, starting with a Markov decision process. The Hidden Markov Model (HMM) is listed under “non map-reduce algorithms” on the Mahout wiki.  The developer’s […]

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Twenty Four CEP Public Presentations on SlideShare

Posted on 11/03/08 2 Comments

For archiving purposes, I have uploaded 24 public CEP presentations that I presented over an 18 month period at various conferences from March 14, 2006 to September 21, 2007.  These presentations can be viewed here.  For example, my first public CEP presentation: View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: event processing) So far, I […]

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TIBCO BusinessEvents 3.0

Posted on 09/24/08 11 Comments

I was pleased to read the Paul Vincent’s post, TIBCO BusinessEvents 3.0.    TIBCO has always had a forward thinking vision for distributed computing and this release of BE 3.0 is another step in the right direction.  TIBCO now has the only commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) event processing platform on the market that supports distributed event processing, multi-agent […]

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Posted on 08/27/08 24 Comments

A post in  Technology content of current CEP products? reminds me of why I rarely, if ever, agree with anything that comes out of Aleri’s marketing team.   To fair to Jeff, it is not only Aleri but others, who continually misdefine business process management (BPM) as CEP. Jeff uses the example, “Smart Order Routing” as an example […]

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The Secret Sauce is the Situation Models

Posted on 08/09/08 No Comments

Alan Lundberg wrote, Intelligent Business Process Platform? in response to Bringing Order to Chaos where someone from PWC linked event processing to business intelligence and business process management.  In turn, James Taylor penned Using decision management to deliver intelligent business performance where James rightly said that it does not require “heroic efforts” to integrate event processing, BI, BPM and […]

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The Magical ATM Card and SMS Message in Thailand

Posted on 08/03/08 1 Comment

It was not too long ago that I penned Keyloggers: Why Banks Need Two-Factor Authentication. In that post, I briefly mentioned how a number of banks in Thailand use inexpensive SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) with one-time password (OTP) to authenticate transactions. One of my favorite banks in Thailand is K-Bank. With K-Bank I can simply […]

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A Brief Introduction to Blackboard Architectures

Posted on 07/20/08 4 Comments

A blackboard architecture is a distributed computing architecture where distributed applications, modelled as intelligent agents, share a common data structure called the “blackboard” and a scheduling/control process. The blackboard can be either centeralized or distributed, depending on the requirements and constraints of the application(s). To solve a complex problem in the blackboard-style, the intelligent agents […]

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Messaging and Event Processing

Posted on 07/13/08 No Comments

In  On Messaging and Events asks, “Is event processing just fancy name to message processing ?” Most event processing systems would be incomplete without the ability to process events in the form of messages.   Messages can be delivered in either a connection-oriented protocol or a connectionless protocol.   Most enterprise-class messaging systems have both.   Many messaging systems have […]

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Two-Thirds of Our Readers Say CEP is Still Immature

Posted on 07/12/08 2 Comments

After some interesting discussions in the blogosphere, the results of our less-than-scientific Poll: Where is CEP Relative to the Gartner Hype Cycle? are in!  Two-thirds of our passionate-about-CEP readers believe that CEP still is in the very early stages of maturity.  Only 6% of the those who responded to the poll, conducted from July 3 thru July 12th, voted […]

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