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The EPTS Use Case Study

Posted on 11/28/10 7 Comments

Frankly speaking, I don’t consider myself a “contrarian” regarding CEP and EPTS.  I am simply not a corporate marketing person, living by quarterly earnings reports, and can live by principles, not by corporate greed.  I am sad to say that I don’t support the EPTS use case study because of how it is “mismanaged” (in […]

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Frankenstein’s Monster

Posted on 06/02/10 3 Comments

Colin Barr has covered finance for Fortune.com since November 2007.  Colin was a writer and editor for TheStreet.com, winning a 2006 Society of American Business Editors and the Writers award for “The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street,” and for Dow Jones Newswires.  Colin pinned an excellent article on May 7th, High frequency trading: Why […]

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High Frequency Trading Destroys Market Integrity

Posted on 05/26/10 10 Comments

It is pretty clear to most everyone that high frequency trading (HFT) destroys market integrity. In recent comments on my blog post, Strongly Regulate High Frequency Trading, Colin Clark shift’s the discussion away from HFT and points the finger at other market fundamentals.  I agree with Colin that there are certainly myriad other problems caused […]

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Strongly Regulate High Frequency Trading

Posted on 05/25/10 10 Comments

In Regulation: Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater, Progress CTO John Bates illustrates the principle of advocating a position based on a natural conflict-of-interest and then wrapping “the package” in rhetorical phrases. First of all, the US economy (read individual investors) would be much better off if financial services firms (or anyone) were […]

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TIBCO Continues to Lead in the CEP Space

Posted on 05/24/10 No Comments

After months under the specter of civil unrest in Thailand, and more recently nearly a week dominated by a government imposed curfew in Thailand, I was pleased to read Paul Vincent’s post, TUCON2010: Reviewing the reviews, and yet more CEP presentations…” Paul, Alan and the TIBCO event processing team continue to demonstrate why TIBCO is […]

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RETE Engines Must Forward and Backward Chain?!

Posted on 03/06/10 16 Comments

In a new development for me, I recently learned that one of the criteria for a “RETE-based rules-engine” to actually be classified as “RETE” is that the software must perform both forward and backward chaining. A well respected rules professional just informed me: If [the rules-engine] is just forward chaining it’s not RETE because the […]

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The Power of Events Revisited (Part 1)

Posted on 03/02/10 No Comments

When I first read The Power of Events: An Introduction to Complex Event Processing in Distributed Enterprise Systems by David Luckham I took away three high level ideas: Events are important in business. Events can be processed in a hierarchical way. Rapide is a modeling tool developed at Stanford that can be used to model […]

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A US Constitutional Failure Regarding Our Protection

Posted on 01/01/10 No Comments

Like most of you, I am still in complete shock over Northwest Flight 253 and how our government still cannot connect-the-dots in simple intelligence matters to protect us from harm. In this case, the well-respected father of a radical-Islamic Nigerian named Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab reached out to the US Embassy and other organizations in an […]

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What’s Really Happening in the World of CEP

Posted on 12/15/09 6 Comments

There is quite a lot is happening in the world of complex event processing.  Interestingly enough, the people and the companies advancing processing complex events are not calling what they are doing “CEP the Buzzword” we read about in the press or that a handful of “pioneers” claim make them modern-day CEP “experts”. The companies […]

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Complex Event Processing in the Belly of the Beast

Posted on 09/22/09 5 Comments

Around 10 years ago I worked as Technical Director for SAIC as a member of an elite group of Internet security experts.   I was responsible for a number of very large global financial corporations (well, actually two).  The leader of our division, called The Center of Information Protection (The CIP), was a very intelligent […]

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