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Disadvantages of Rule-Based Systems (Part 1)

Posted on 03/05/10 8 Comments

In Orwellian Event Processing the discussion moved away from my original intent, which was primarily to discuss the vendor-state-of-denial regarding the prior art for processing complex events, and gravitated toward a discussion on the “inefficiencies” of rule-based systems.  I was surprised learn that there are professionals who believe that there is no basis in fact […]

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Orwellian Event Processing

Posted on 02/28/10 16 Comments

Recently we completed the installation and training of an open source Bayesian classifier to replace a rule-based approach to manage forum spam.  In a nutshell, we found the rule-based approach was highly prone to both false positives and false negatives; however, a statistical approach using a Bayesian approach has turned out to be far superior. […]

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Patent Title: Event Handling System

Posted on 07/19/09 No Comments

I was doing some research on cyberspace situational awareness and was honored to noticed my prior art was referenced in a 2008 patent application by the Commonwealth of Australia.   Here are some notable quotes from this patent application of an “event handling system.” Section 8 of this part gives a brief overview of the […]

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U.S. Cyber Command – Air Force Stumbles

Posted on 07/06/09 No Comments

Great and powerful organizations can be handicapped by their own greatness.   The shear magnificence, power and strength of the USAF also can be it’s own weakness at times.  This is certainly true in the area of communications, air power and cyberspace. The communications mission of the Air Force is highly interconnected with it’s core […]

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A Review of Zabbix – Zabbix Rules! (Part 1)

Posted on 03/20/09 No Comments

It was 1992, the Internet was still an uncertain “dream technology” by scientists, and I was working at SprintLink.   My role was the lead systems engineer to set up the network and security management center for SprintLink and Managed Router Network (MRN) team. We used HP Open View Network Node Manager (NNM) for our core […]

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The Cyberwar Against Marketing Hype

Posted on 03/13/09 No Comments

When discussing CEP and EP, someone recently blogged: “There is even one person who declared a full fledged cyber war on anybody who uses the term “complex event processing” not in what he believes to be the original intent of past DARPA project in the area of security and military operational applications.” Actually, I think […]

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Peter Lin on Situational Awareness and CEP

Posted on 03/01/09 14 Comments

Recently Peter Lin was kind enough to stop by and post this comment to our post, CEP Software Saves the Universe! Here’s my [Peter Lin’s] bias perspective as a user and developer of expert system shell[s]. A business rule engine, expert system shell or CEP engine at best provide[s] a foundation for creating an expert […]

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CEP The Concept Is Not CEP The Software

Posted on 02/25/09 No Comments

Paul Vincent misquotes me in his recent post, Situation Awareness in CEP….    So, keep your eyes on the blog-o-rink because it looks like there may be a lot of sparks flying between bloggers over the next few days or weeks on this topic.   The problem with many folks in this dialog is that they do […]

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Reasoning and Complexity

Posted on 02/25/09 No Comments

In a short follow-up to CEP Software Saves the Universe!, I thought it would be helpful to post some quotes from Wikipedia on reasoning and complexity. Cognitive science sees reasoning by the analogy to a data processing, where relations between observed properties of reasoning are used in numerous models leading to evident logically correct conclusions […]

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One Small Step for Statistical Classification, One Giant Leap for CEP

Posted on 02/15/09 2 Comments

Professor Luckham posted a question, Is there a commercial need for quantum leap in CEP products? He then goes on to answer his own question,  reminding readers of the original CEP discussion of “event hierarchies,” now an apparent “quantum leap” technology.   When folks discuss “event hierarchies” they are actually discussing Classification in Complex Event Processing […]

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