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Why Gimmick Marketing?

Posted on 06/29/09 5 Comments

I remember when I was first introduced to Linux, circa 1993.    There was no Linux marketing.   Linux was simply a great operating system and I could use it as a mail server, a file server, a name server, a web server, a database platform, a development platform, a sniffer, a firewall, and more.   I introduced […]

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Discussion on the Aleri – Coral8 Merger

Posted on 03/13/09 1 Comment

Penny Crossman of Wall Street and Technology wrote “Critics Give Aleri-Coral8 Merger High Marks, but CEP Bloodbath Continues” which included a nice interview with Aleri CEO Don DeLoach and Coral8 vice-president of product marketing John Morrel. Aleri and Coral8 merged, in my opinion, because both companies are struggling in the current market and combining their […]

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(Yawn) Aleri Buys Coral8 – (Wow) Citigroup Stock Falls Below A Buck!

Posted on 03/10/09 6 Comments

I think Mark over at Citi has been drinking too much of Aleri’s wine over at Columbus Circle.   For some reason (must be the wine and marketing hype), Marc thinks that Aleri absorbing Coral8 is “earth-shattering news” ?  Obviously, Aleri and Coral8 would like for us to think it was, in Marc’s words “earth-shattering […]

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CEP Marketing: You Cannot Fool All of the People All of the Time

Posted on 01/07/09 2 Comments

I was pleasantly surprised when I read Seth Grime’s Complex Event Processing as a Marketing Device. Normally when I read CEP-related posts by Seth I tend to grimace more than just a bit, as Seth tends to write about event stream processing people (the “SQL-ish continuous query folks”) and products versus the large vision of […]

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Comprehensive Misinformation on Evaluating ESP Engines

Posted on 11/24/08 No Comments

Folks are worried about the future of CEP. Vendors have spun so much misinformation around the term “CEP” that this three letter acronym (TLA) has begun to have little meaning other than to reflect a confusing web of solutions overhyped around a few relatively simple stream processing engines, used primarily in financial services.  Frankly speaking,  […]

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Mid Year 2008 CEP Public Reference Client Survey

Posted on 08/10/08 No Comments

Our Call for Public CEP Reference Clients for 2008 and on-line research has revealed some expected less-than-encouraging CEP news for 2008.   In a year of downwardly falling capital markets, a continued recession in real-estate markets, unending war and global uncertainty, we find there are myriad CEP partnership and OEM annoucements, quite a few mysterious “secret tribe of elders” awards and a lot of marketing releases […]

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The Secret Life of CEP

Posted on 08/05/08 No Comments

Catching up on the blogs, I couldn’t help but comment on, Is CEP Mature? Or a Curious Case of Information Asymmetry by Mark Tsimelzon, President & CTO, Coral8.  Mark says, “I know for a fact that every major CEP vendor has several dozen paying customers.” Somehow Mark, I don’t find a dozen paying customers by […]

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Muddy Waters

Posted on 07/16/08 11 Comments

In Waters Rankings 2008, Waters stirs the mud and confusion in the CEP/EP community by having their constituents vote on both an ESP solution and an CEP solution set, but giving both awards to vendors with stream processing (ESP) engines.    The two CEP/ESP related Waters’ categories were, Best Streaming Data Management Solution and Best Complex Event […]

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IBM Says Business Event Processing is Not CEP

Posted on 01/24/08 14 Comments

Sandy Carter, IBM’s vice president of SOA and WebSphere strategies, said something in IBM Buys AptSoft To Boost BPM-SOA Line I completely agree with, relative to most of the technologies folks are calling “CEP” these days: “In the marketplace today, everybody talks about complex event processing,” Carter said. “We actually are trying to rename that […]

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BAM Solutions for CEP Engine Users

Posted on 01/23/08 No Comments

Today I noticed that SL Corporation has revamped their website with a new page, Solutions for CEP Engine Users.    The page is well written, reinforcing some of my earlier posts on the value proposition for CEP; so I hope the folks at SL don’t mind if I repost their excellent thoughts on BAM and CEP here.  Solutions for CEP Engine […]

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