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The EPTS Use Case Study

Posted on 11/28/10 7 Comments

Frankly speaking, I don’t consider myself a “contrarian” regarding CEP and EPTS.  I am simply not a corporate marketing person, living by quarterly earnings reports, and can live by principles, not by corporate greed.  I am sad to say that I don’t support the EPTS use case study because of how it is “mismanaged” (in […]

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The Cyberwar Against Marketing Hype

Posted on 03/13/09 No Comments

When discussing CEP and EP, someone recently blogged: “There is even one person who declared a full fledged cyber war on anybody who uses the term “complex event processing” not in what he believes to be the original intent of past DARPA project in the area of security and military operational applications.” Actually, I think […]

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Proposed EPTS Steering Committee Reorganization

Posted on 12/22/08 2 Comments

Following up to my earlier posts on Event Processing Technical Society (EPTS) related topics, I am proposing a draft reorganization of the EPTS Steering Committee. The current EPTS Steering Committee was structured as follows: # Industry Primary EPTS-Related Technology Comments 1 Software Company Event Stream Processing / Continuous Query Vendor 2 Software Company Event Stream […]

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The Genesis of CEP Confusion

Posted on 11/29/08 No Comments

Opher Etzion responds to the onging confusion with On basic classification of terms.  First of all, there has been confusion in the CEP/EP community since the term “CEP” was coined, so the confusion is nothing new.  Second, one of the main sources of confusion is the Event Processing Technical Society (EPTS), chaired by Opher.   The […]

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Twenty Four CEP Public Presentations on SlideShare

Posted on 11/03/08 2 Comments

For archiving purposes, I have uploaded 24 public CEP presentations that I presented over an 18 month period at various conferences from March 14, 2006 to September 21, 2007.  These presentations can be viewed here.  For example, my first public CEP presentation: View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: event processing) So far, I […]

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Gartner Event Processing Summit (and EPTS Meeting), Sept 2008

Posted on 08/30/08 3 Comments

Many folks have been sending me email, inquiring if I will be attending the Gartner Event Processing Summit, September 15-16 or the 4th Event Processing Symposium, September 17-19, 2008 (the EPTS meeting).    I regret not attending either event this year and will miss getting together with everyone.  In addition, I would like to thank Opher and the EPTS team for […]

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Posted on 08/27/08 24 Comments

A post in  Technology content of current CEP products? reminds me of why I rarely, if ever, agree with anything that comes out of Aleri’s marketing team.   To fair to Jeff, it is not only Aleri but others, who continually misdefine business process management (BPM) as CEP. Jeff uses the example, “Smart Order Routing” as an example […]

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EPTS: Proposed Event Processing Definitions, September 20, 2006

Posted on 08/21/08 No Comments

For interested readers, here are the event processing definitions we provided to the (future) EPTS working group on September 20, 2006, coordinated (edited) by David Luckham and Roy Schulte; adaptive process management (n.) an element of resource and business process management, adaptive search and event processing. Sometimes referred to as “Level 4” event processing or process […]

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EPTS: An Event Processing Marketing Society (EPMS)

Posted on 08/13/08 No Comments

A number of months ago we posted Some Comments on the EPTS Member Agreement where we concluded, in summary: “I have quite a few other concerns the with EPTS Member Agreement.   Basically, the agreement needs to be written with an eye toward a more flexible, open and inclusive process that puts the future of the EPTS square […]

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The Fallacy of Self-Fulfilling CEP Use Case Studies

Posted on 08/06/08 No Comments

I am back at the glaring computer screen after a day in Lamphun, Northern Thailand, hanging out will my friends who are preparing for a Bonsai tree competition.  I spent the day eating Thai and Chinese food and relaxing in a lounge chair under imported blue palm trees with the sound of exotic birds making background music to […]

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