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High Frequency Trading Destroys Market Integrity

Posted on 05/26/10 10 Comments

It is pretty clear to most everyone that high frequency trading (HFT) destroys market integrity. In recent comments on my blog post, Strongly Regulate High Frequency Trading, Colin Clark shift’s the discussion away from HFT and points the finger at other market fundamentals.  I agree with Colin that there are certainly myriad other problems caused […]

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Strongly Regulate High Frequency Trading

Posted on 05/25/10 10 Comments

In Regulation: Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater, Progress CTO John Bates illustrates the principle of advocating a position based on a natural conflict-of-interest and then wrapping “the package” in rhetorical phrases. First of all, the US economy (read individual investors) would be much better off if financial services firms (or anyone) were […]

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Disadvantages of Rule-Based Systems (Part 1)

Posted on 03/05/10 8 Comments

In Orwellian Event Processing the discussion moved away from my original intent, which was primarily to discuss the vendor-state-of-denial regarding the prior art for processing complex events, and gravitated toward a discussion on the “inefficiencies” of rule-based systems.  I was surprised learn that there are professionals who believe that there is no basis in fact […]

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Orwellian Event Processing

Posted on 02/28/10 16 Comments

Recently we completed the installation and training of an open source Bayesian classifier to replace a rule-based approach to manage forum spam.  In a nutshell, we found the rule-based approach was highly prone to both false positives and false negatives; however, a statistical approach using a Bayesian approach has turned out to be far superior. […]

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What’s Really Happening in the World of CEP

Posted on 12/15/09 6 Comments

There is quite a lot is happening in the world of complex event processing.  Interestingly enough, the people and the companies advancing processing complex events are not calling what they are doing “CEP the Buzzword” we read about in the press or that a handful of “pioneers” claim make them modern-day CEP “experts”. The companies […]

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Complex Event Processing in the Belly of the Beast

Posted on 09/22/09 5 Comments

Around 10 years ago I worked as Technical Director for SAIC as a member of an elite group of Internet security experts.   I was responsible for a number of very large global financial corporations (well, actually two).  The leader of our division, called The Center of Information Protection (The CIP), was a very intelligent […]

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GeoIP and Geo-Targeting

Posted on 09/08/09 No Comments

Lately I have been busy with a web-based geo-targeting project.   For those of you not familiar with geo-targeting, the deeper you get into geo-targeting, the more you realize how important and interesting it is. Geo-targeting is used for fraud detection, personalization, ad-targeting, content-delivery, and more.   In addition, the same basic concept is used […]

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Quiz: Event Processing 101

Posted on 07/19/09 4 Comments

Take the quiz.  Event Processing 101. The big question is, “Who will copy me and start posting CEP/EP quizzes next?” Stay tuned for my next CEP/EP quiz, after I return from a 2 week vacation (sometime in August!) Quizzes by Quibblo.com

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Patent Title: Event Handling System

Posted on 07/19/09 No Comments

I was doing some research on cyberspace situational awareness and was honored to noticed my prior art was referenced in a 2008 patent application by the Commonwealth of Australia.   Here are some notable quotes from this patent application of an “event handling system.” Section 8 of this part gives a brief overview of the […]

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Processing Complex Events at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

Posted on 06/10/09 4 Comments

Here is an excellent Google TechTalk by Dr. Majorie Shapiro (LBL & LHC ATLAS), June 18, 2007, on processing complex events at the LHC called, Supersymmetry, Extra Dimensions and the Origin of Mass: Exploring the Nature of the Universe Using PetaScale Data Analysis. This is really what I would call “real-time CEP.”  Bean collisions at […]

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