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Frankenstein’s Monster

Posted on 06/02/10 3 Comments

Colin Barr has covered finance for Fortune.com since November 2007.  Colin was a writer and editor for TheStreet.com, winning a 2006 Society of American Business Editors and the Writers award for “The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street,” and for Dow Jones Newswires.  Colin pinned an excellent article on May 7th, High frequency trading: Why […]

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Orwellian Event Processing

Posted on 02/28/10 16 Comments

Recently we completed the installation and training of an open source Bayesian classifier to replace a rule-based approach to manage forum spam.  In a nutshell, we found the rule-based approach was highly prone to both false positives and false negatives; however, a statistical approach using a Bayesian approach has turned out to be far superior. […]

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Processing Complex Events at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

Posted on 06/10/09 4 Comments

Here is an excellent Google TechTalk by Dr. Majorie Shapiro (LBL & LHC ATLAS), June 18, 2007, on processing complex events at the LHC called, Supersymmetry, Extra Dimensions and the Origin of Mass: Exploring the Nature of the Universe Using PetaScale Data Analysis. This is really what I would call “real-time CEP.”  Bean collisions at […]

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A Review of Zabbix – Zabbix Rules! (Part 2)

Posted on 03/23/09 2 Comments

In A Review of Zabbix – Zabbix Rules! (Part 1) we provided a brief introduction to Zabbix in the context of network and security management.  In this post I will discuss Zabbix as an event processing platform. Zabbix is like most event processing platforms.  Zabbix provides both agent-initiated events as well as server-requested events.  In […]

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A Review of Zabbix – Zabbix Rules! (Part 1)

Posted on 03/20/09 No Comments

It was 1992, the Internet was still an uncertain “dream technology” by scientists, and I was working at SprintLink.   My role was the lead systems engineer to set up the network and security management center for SprintLink and Managed Router Network (MRN) team. We used HP Open View Network Node Manager (NNM) for our core […]

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CEP: A Technology Behind The Power Curve

Posted on 03/16/09 1 Comment

It was almost three years ago when I was introduced to the buzzword “complex event processing” by good friends and colleagues at TIBCO Software.  At TIBCO (before and during my time there) we always discussed how “real-time event processing” would be a technology to address “the needle in the haystack” detection problems in the big […]

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The Cyberwar Against Marketing Hype

Posted on 03/13/09 No Comments

When discussing CEP and EP, someone recently blogged: “There is even one person who declared a full fledged cyber war on anybody who uses the term “complex event processing” not in what he believes to be the original intent of past DARPA project in the area of security and military operational applications.” Actually, I think […]

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Customer Satisfaction and Customer Expectations in CEP

Posted on 03/08/09 6 Comments

I often wonder why there is tension in the world of CEP about the complexity of the events and the required processing to identify complex events.  Then, about a month ago, I was helping a friend with her masters degree thesis.  She is about to graduate with her masters degree in international business and is […]

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Reasoning and Complexity

Posted on 02/25/09 No Comments

In a short follow-up to CEP Software Saves the Universe!, I thought it would be helpful to post some quotes from Wikipedia on reasoning and complexity. Cognitive science sees reasoning by the analogy to a data processing, where relations between observed properties of reasoning are used in numerous models leading to evident logically correct conclusions […]

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Lessons Learned from High Tower’s Demise

Posted on 01/09/09 3 Comments

In November 2008, Aliso Viejo-based High Tower Software, a venture-backed developer of security, compliance, and log management software, shut down.   Like many of our “CEP/ESP vendors”, High Tower orchestrated numerous “awards” for their security information and event management (SIEM) software, However, these fluffy marketing awards were not enough to keep HT from a nose dive. […]

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