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What’s Really Happening in the World of CEP

Posted on 12/15/09 6 Comments

There is quite a lot is happening in the world of complex event processing.  Interestingly enough, the people and the companies advancing processing complex events are not calling what they are doing “CEP the Buzzword” we read about in the press or that a handful of “pioneers” claim make them modern-day CEP “experts”. The companies […]

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Complex Event Processing in the Belly of the Beast

Posted on 09/22/09 5 Comments

Around 10 years ago I worked as Technical Director for SAIC as a member of an elite group of Internet security experts.   I was responsible for a number of very large global financial corporations (well, actually two).  The leader of our division, called The Center of Information Protection (The CIP), was a very intelligent […]

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Drinking the Koolaid at Magmasystems

Posted on 05/22/09 2 Comments

Oh, how I am laughing today.  FIrst, I was rolling on the floor about online salami attacks at E-Trade and Schwab, now kindred-spirt blogger Marc Adler at Citigroup has me laughing with his recent CEP marketing hype: You know that it’s been a good week for CEP when the Times starts covering it. – Marc […]

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Creative E-Trade and Similar Salami Scams – Ignorance is Bliss

Posted on 05/22/09 1 Comment

Here is one of my favorite news stories of the week, Guilty Plea for Man Behind Creative E-Trade Scam. In this funny story, Michael Largent, 23, of Plumas Lake, CA, wrote a simple  Internet script that opened more than 58,000 online accounts at places like E-trade and Schwab.   Largent used fake names to automatically […]

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The Cyberwar Against Marketing Hype

Posted on 03/13/09 No Comments

When discussing CEP and EP, someone recently blogged: “There is even one person who declared a full fledged cyber war on anybody who uses the term “complex event processing” not in what he believes to be the original intent of past DARPA project in the area of security and military operational applications.” Actually, I think […]

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(Yawn) Aleri Buys Coral8 – (Wow) Citigroup Stock Falls Below A Buck!

Posted on 03/10/09 6 Comments

I think Mark over at Citi has been drinking too much of Aleri’s wine over at Columbus Circle.   For some reason (must be the wine and marketing hype), Marc thinks that Aleri absorbing Coral8 is “earth-shattering news” ?  Obviously, Aleri and Coral8 would like for us to think it was, in Marc’s words “earth-shattering […]

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Customer Satisfaction and Customer Expectations in CEP

Posted on 03/08/09 6 Comments

I often wonder why there is tension in the world of CEP about the complexity of the events and the required processing to identify complex events.  Then, about a month ago, I was helping a friend with her masters degree thesis.  She is about to graduate with her masters degree in international business and is […]

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Reasoning and Complexity

Posted on 02/25/09 No Comments

In a short follow-up to CEP Software Saves the Universe!, I thought it would be helpful to post some quotes from Wikipedia on reasoning and complexity. Cognitive science sees reasoning by the analogy to a data processing, where relations between observed properties of reasoning are used in numerous models leading to evident logically correct conclusions […]

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Peter Lankford, Founder & Director of STAC, on CEP, ESP and EPP

Posted on 02/07/09 4 Comments

The following is a reprint of Peter Lankford, Founder & Director of STAC comment on CEP, ESP and EPP.  This is one of the best comments on CEP, ESP and EPP I have read. Peter Lankford Founder & Director, STAC I’ve read the blog for some time and have been meaning to contribute some thoughts […]

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Prelude to The Top Ten Cybersecurity Threats for 2009 – Cyberspace

Posted on 12/29/08 3 Comments

Soon I will publish my The Top Ten Cybersecurity Threats for 2009. However, before doing so, let’s take a look at some interesting aspects of The Top Ten Cybersecurity Threats for 2008.  In my cybersecurity threat list for 2008, I mentioned: — Criminal manipulation and subversion of financial markets. What we observed in 2008 was […]

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