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[ANNOUNCE] Apache Mahout 0.1 Released

Posted on 04/08/09 1 Comment

The Apache Lucene project is pleased to announce the release of Apache Mahout 0.1. Apache Mahout is a subproject of Apache Lucene with the goal of delivering scalable machine learning algorithm implementations under the Apache license.  The first public release includes implementations for clustering, classification, collaborative filtering and evolutionary programming. Highlights include: Taste Collaborative Filtering […]

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Computing in the Clouds with AWS

Posted on 07/25/08 2 Comments

The admin team at The UNIX Forums have been considering moving the UNIX and Linux Forums to the clouds – the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.  Amazon EC2 is one option to scale the forums, which is a LAMP application.  Amazon EC2 allows us to rent dedicated servers (instances) on-demand to run applications, such as the forums.  Then we can run […]

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A Brief Introduction to Blackboard Architectures

Posted on 07/20/08 4 Comments

A blackboard architecture is a distributed computing architecture where distributed applications, modelled as intelligent agents, share a common data structure called the “blackboard” and a scheduling/control process. The blackboard can be either centeralized or distributed, depending on the requirements and constraints of the application(s). To solve a complex problem in the blackboard-style, the intelligent agents […]

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Simple Event Processing != Complex Event Processing

Posted on 12/16/07 5 Comments

One of the brillant minds in the CEP community, Claudio Paniagua Macia, recently posted, Event Stream Processing != Complex Event Processing.   In his post, Claudi draws a bold conclusion: (1) SQL-based approaches to ESP might have a hard time doing CEP. (2) No real CEP engine exists today in the marketplace, perhaps not even “off” […]

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CEP Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity at Software Park Thailand

Posted on 12/16/07 No Comments

In July 2007, at InformationSecurityAsia2007,  I unveiled an idea to create a cybersecurity CEP Center of Excellence (COE) in Thailand.  Under the collaborative guidance of Dr. Rom Hiranpruk, Deputy Director, Technology Management Center, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Dr. Prinya Hom-anek, President and Founder, ACIS Professional Center, and Dr. Komain Pipulyarojana, Chief National Security Section, National Electronics […]

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Bankers Voice Scepticism Over New Event Processing Technologies

Posted on 11/28/07 11 Comments

This week I completed a presentation on complex event processing at Wealth Management Asia 2007 where I had a chance to field some tough questions from risk management experts working for some of the top banks in the region. In particular, one of the meeting attendees voiced strong scepticism over emerging event processing technologies.   The basis for his scepticism was, in […]

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COTS Software Versus (Hard) Coding in EP Applications

Posted on 11/21/07 1 Comment

Opher Etzion has kindly asked me to write a paragraph or two on commercial-off-the-shelf  (COTS) software versus (hard) coding software in event processing applications.  My thoughts on this topic are similar to my earlier blog musings, Latency Takes a Back Seat to Accuracy in CEP Applications. If you buy a EP engine (today) because it permits you run […]

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Clustered Databases Versus Virtualization for CEP Applications

Posted on 11/16/07 No Comments

In my earlier post, A Model For Distributed Event Processing, I promised to address grid computing, distributed object caching and virtualization, and how these technologies relate to complex event processing.   Some of my readers might forget my earlier roots in networking if I continue to talk about higher level abstractions!  So, in this follow-up post I will discuss virtualization relative to […]

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Event Cloud Computing – IBM Turning Data Centers Into ‘Computing Cloud’

Posted on 11/15/07 2 Comments

 I predict we may experience less debates on the use of the term “event cloud” related to CEP in the future, now that both IBM and Google  have made announcements about “cloud computing” and “computing cloud”, IBM Turning Data Centers Into ‘Computing Cloud’ “The initiative also builds on IBM’s announcement with Google last  month that they are developing cloud […]

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A Model For Distributed Event Processing

Posted on 11/01/07 7 Comments

In my last post, Analytical Patterns for Complex Event Processing, I provided an overview of a few slides I presented in March of 2006 at first event processing symposium titled Processing Patterns for Predictive Business.  In that same presentation (slide 15), I also introduced a generic high level architecture (HLA) for event processing in the illustration below: The figure above is a […]

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