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Drinking the Koolaid at Magmasystems

Posted on 05/22/09 2 Comments

Oh, how I am laughing today.  FIrst, I was rolling on the floor about online salami attacks at E-Trade and Schwab, now kindred-spirt blogger Marc Adler at Citigroup has me laughing with his recent CEP marketing hype: You know that it’s been a good week for CEP when the Times starts covering it. – Marc […]

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Announcing Amazon EC2 with IBM by the Hour

Posted on 04/24/09 No Comments

Amazon EC2 running IBM now offers Amazon EC2 instances combined with popular IBM applications that you can pay for by the hour with no need for licenses or long term upfront commitments. You can now flexibly scale your IBM applications up and down and only pay for what you use. If you already have an […]

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IBM Trumps TIBCO on Cloud Computing Services

Posted on 02/13/09 2 Comments

I have been blogging about the importance of the Amazon EC2 services model for quite some time, including these posts Computing in the Clouds with AWS CEP as a Service (CEPaaS) with MapReduce on Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 SOA in Cardiac Arrest, Long Live Services, SOA in Cardiac Arrest, Long Live Services Analytics as […]

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Should We Simply Rename CEP BRMS?

Posted on 11/19/08 7 Comments

Seemingly inundated with blog posts about CEP and BRMS, it seems we should simply rename the current CEP space, BRMS.  All of the current self-described CEP products on the market today are rules-engines, this includes the continuous query stream processors and the RETE engines.  Furthermore, a quick review of Wikipedia says BRMS is, as follows […]

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A Bitter Pill To Swallow: First Generation CEP Software Needs To Evolve

Posted on 02/08/08 4 Comments

Frankly speaking, the CEP market is now saturated with hype about all the great things CEP can do, detecting opportunities and threats in real time and supporting the decision cycle.  However, in my opinion, it is time for the software vendors and analysts to move beyond the marketing hype and demonstrate real operational value with […]

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IBM Will Acquire AptSoft

Posted on 01/23/08 12 Comments

I was wondering when IBM would actually jump into the event processing market.   Well, it was announced today that IBM will acquire Aptsoft, adding an event processing platform to the IBM WebSphere porfolio.  IBM will also gain AptSoft’s event processing reference customers.  This was a smart move by IBM. Oracle is acquiring BEA which uses Esper under the hood, another […]

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Want Great Technology? Buy TIBCO (TIBX)

Posted on 01/18/08 4 Comments

We all know that Oracle just bought BEA. Personally, I would have recommended Oracle to buy TIBCO instead of BEA. TIBCO has great technology and their software stack is richer and more diverse that BEA’s. TIBCO spends a lot of  development resources on their graphical user interfaces and design-time and modelling environment to make business […]

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