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CEP is Not Low Latency Messaging, EAI or ESB

Posted on 09/03/08 3 Comments

In respose to CEP is Not BPM, BAM, BRE, BRMS or SOA, fellow blogger Mark Palmer posts, Smart Order Routing and CEP – Made for Each Other.   Mark does a good job describing his perspective on smart order routing (SOR), yet his counterpoint that SOR is “complex event processing” is quite unconvincing. I agree with Mark that SOR is […]

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Changhai Ke of ILOG: The “More” Part of CEP over ESP is Far from Mature

Posted on 07/06/08 No Comments

This post was originally a comment On CEP Maturity and the Gartner Hype Cycle by Changhai Ke of ILOG.  Changhai Ke’s comment was so well written, I have reposted it as a blog entry. The “More” Part of CEP over ESP is Far from Mature By Changhai Ke, ILOG An EDA and CEP must be understood as 2 […]

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