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TIBCO Continues to Lead in the CEP Space

Posted on 05/24/10 No Comments

After months under the specter of civil unrest in Thailand, and more recently nearly a week dominated by a government imposed curfew in Thailand, I was pleased to read Paul Vincent’s post, TUCON2010: Reviewing the reviews, and yet more CEP presentations…” Paul, Alan and the TIBCO event processing team continue to demonstrate why TIBCO is […]

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Rules, Thailand, Democracy, Corruption and SCUBA

Posted on 04/23/10 No Comments

My apologies for not living up to my promises to blog more on event processing. Recent events in Thailand have been keeping us all on edge for the last few months. The same basic power struggle that has existed in Thailand for centuries continues with no resolution in sight. There is a great book on […]

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Chiang Mai: World’s 5th Best City by Travel and Leisure

Posted on 08/15/09 No Comments

I recently noticed  that the city I live, Chiang Mai, was listed as the number five best city in the world, 2009, by Travel and Leisure. Actually, I agree Chiang Mai is a great city to live, that is why I live here, of course.  The food is amazingly good.   The weather is great. […]

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The Water and the Rain

Posted on 07/01/09 2 Comments

Today I woke up late, around 4:30pm. After catching up on my Internet reading, I decided to go for a swim. I looked out the window of the 17th floor, and it was gloomy with heavy dark clouds approaching, so I wondered to myself if I would be able to swim. When I arrived by […]

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A New Archaeological Find

Posted on 04/04/09 No Comments

After having dug to a depth of 10 feet last year, New York scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 100 years and came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network more than 100 years ago. Not to be outdone by the New Yorkers, in the weeks that followed, a […]

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Sakura-Iro ni Somaru Tomoko

Posted on 03/01/09 No Comments

Adding beauty and color to the blog, here is a video I made, Sakura-Iro ni Somaru Tomoko. “Sakura-Iro ni Somaru Tomoko” translates from Japanese, literally,  to “Tomoko Who is Dyed Pink“, or more a more poetic translation, “Tomoko Covered in Pink Flowers.” This video is from Hanami 2007, the amazingly beautiful Japanese celebration of viewing […]

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A Epilogue to OWASP Thailand

Posted on 02/25/09 No Comments

This is an interesting story for folks who work abroad or wish to work in Thailand.   In addition, folks who are interested in OWASP might find this post interesting. I started the OWASP Thailand Chapter on 8 May 2008 and I called for a someone to replace me as chapter leader on 16 January 2009.   […]

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Google Sitemap Update Frequency and Sitemap Stats

Posted on 02/03/09 2 Comments

This post is a bit off our normal topics; however, it should be of interest to just about everyone who administers a web site. Google sitemaps have an  ‘Update Frequency’  (Change Frequency) parameter that informs GoogleBot how often a web page is updated.   For example, a blog homepage may be updated as often as ‘Daily’ […]

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Zen and the Misery of Experience

Posted on 12/18/08 1 Comment

It is great to relax and just enjoy the good life in Northern Thailand.  As I read so many blog posts and technology articles by people who just don’t have a clue about what they are talking about, I am reminded of a passage by one of the world’s great writers Umberto Eco. Foucault’s Pendulum […]

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An Update on the Political Situation in Thailand

Posted on 11/29/08 2 Comments

I am sure everyone has read the big news in Thailand.  Anti-government protesters have shut down the two main airports in Thailand for around 5 days, leaving the country in a state of chaos.   The current political crisis has been ongoing for a number of years and there is no possible end in sight. The […]

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