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Towards a Streaming SQL Standard

Posted on 09/05/08 No Comments

In More Towards a Streaming SQL Standard, Marc Adler says, “Despite what I think about Streambase’s marketing and sales organization, you must admit that Zdonik and Cherniack are first-class researchers, and have contributed a lot to the field of CEP.” I agree that these gentlemen are top notch researchers, witnessed by the fact that the authors […]

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Muddy Waters

Posted on 07/16/08 11 Comments

In Waters Rankings 2008, Waters stirs the mud and confusion in the CEP/EP community by having their constituents vote on both an ESP solution and an CEP solution set, but giving both awards to vendors with stream processing (ESP) engines.    The two CEP/ESP related Waters’ categories were, Best Streaming Data Management Solution and Best Complex Event […]

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IBM Will Acquire AptSoft

Posted on 01/23/08 12 Comments

I was wondering when IBM would actually jump into the event processing market.   Well, it was announced today that IBM will acquire Aptsoft, adding an event processing platform to the IBM WebSphere porfolio.  IBM will also gain AptSoft’s event processing reference customers.  This was a smart move by IBM. Oracle is acquiring BEA which uses Esper under the hood, another […]

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BAM Solutions for CEP Engine Users

Posted on 01/23/08 No Comments

Today I noticed that SL Corporation has revamped their website with a new page, Solutions for CEP Engine Users.    The page is well written, reinforcing some of my earlier posts on the value proposition for CEP; so I hope the folks at SL don’t mind if I repost their excellent thoughts on BAM and CEP here.  Solutions for CEP Engine […]

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Want Great Technology? Buy TIBCO (TIBX)

Posted on 01/18/08 4 Comments

We all know that Oracle just bought BEA. Personally, I would have recommended Oracle to buy TIBCO instead of BEA. TIBCO has great technology and their software stack is richer and more diverse that BEA’s. TIBCO spends a lot of  development resources on their graphical user interfaces and design-time and modelling environment to make business […]

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Oracle to Buy BEA Systems for $8.5 Billion

Posted on 01/16/08 1 Comment

After three months of wrangling over prices, Oracle Corp. will acquire BEA Systems in a $8.5 billion deal. This means that Oracle will now have an event processing platform, the Oracle WebLogic Event Server to compliment their product line. Reference:  Oracle Strikes Deal to Buy BEA Systems for $8.5 Billion  (Wall Street Journal) By JOHN FLOWERS […]

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