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Amazon CloudFront Test Results with Small Objects

Posted on 06/15/09 No Comments

Following up on our Date with the CloudFront Operations Manager we have just released our public test results using a small 1.6kb object (a small gif file).  The results of the tests can be found here, Amazon CloudFront / S3 Small Object Test Results In a nutshell, we found a fairly significant performance improvement using […]

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A Date with the CloudFront Operations Manager

Posted on 05/22/09 4 Comments

After running some tests on Amazon CloudFront globally, our team’s conclusions have landed me a date with the CloudFront Operations Manager.  In a nutshell, our test results concluded: We were testing using CF/S3 to deliver content faster to customers in geographic regions different than our server. One would expect the downloads to be (noteworthy) faster […]

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A Review of Zabbix – Zabbix Rules! (Part 2)

Posted on 03/23/09 2 Comments

In A Review of Zabbix – Zabbix Rules! (Part 1) we provided a brief introduction to Zabbix in the context of network and security management.  In this post I will discuss Zabbix as an event processing platform. Zabbix is like most event processing platforms.  Zabbix provides both agent-initiated events as well as server-requested events.  In […]

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Classification in Complex Event Processing

Posted on 02/01/09 2 Comments

Following up on the excellent discussion in Predicting Events with Logistic Regression I think it is time to talk a bit about the importance of classification in complex event processing.  CEP is, by definition, about detecting business opportunities and threats in real-time.   It follows, that by definition, CEP is centered around classifying and discriminating complex […]

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Quintessential Event Processing: Signature Versus Anomaly Detection

Posted on 11/28/08 No Comments

Detection experts understand that the optimal detection design and architecture is generally a combination of both signature and anomaly detection engines.   In event processing, signature detection involves the real-time pattern matching analysis of events.   A core advantage of signature detection is that basic pattern matching models are easy to understand and develop when you […]

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Key Indicators (KIs) Versus Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Posted on 01/31/08 No Comments

SL‘s new web page, Solutions for CEP Engine Users, discusses how CEP is a “technology that is used to help companies detect both opportunities and threats in real-time with minimal coding and reusable key performance indicators (KPIs) and business models.” I agree with SL, but would like to suggest my friends at SL expand the notion of KPIs in CEP […]

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An Overture to the 2007 CEP Blog Awards

Posted on 01/09/08 No Comments

Before announcing the winners of the 2007 CEP Blog Awards I thought it would be helpful to introduce the award categories to our readers. I have given considerable thought to how to structure The CEP Blog Awards. This was not an easy task, as you might imagine, given the confusion in the event processing marketspace. […]

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Adapters and Analytics: COTS? NOT!

Posted on 12/26/07 No Comments

Marc Adler shows why his musings are rapidly becoming one of my “must read” blogs in his post, CEP Vendors and the Ecosystem. We have been making similar points in the event processing blogosphere, namely the important of adapters and analytics.   Today, event processing vendors are surprisingly weak in both areas.  For one thing, there was way much emphasis on rules-based […]

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Due Diligence on CEP Vendors – Think Business Not Technology

Posted on 12/02/07 No Comments

In another one of his excellent blog posts, Financial Due Diligence, Marc Adler mentions a New York Times article that describes the same effects on software companies I discussed a few weeks ago in The Subprime Crisis and the Impact on the CEP Market. Marc blogged that some CEP “pure-play” companies have been laying off their employees due to the current […]

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COTS Software Versus (Hard) Coding in EP Applications

Posted on 11/21/07 1 Comment

Opher Etzion has kindly asked me to write a paragraph or two on commercial-off-the-shelf  (COTS) software versus (hard) coding software in event processing applications.  My thoughts on this topic are similar to my earlier blog musings, Latency Takes a Back Seat to Accuracy in CEP Applications. If you buy a EP engine (today) because it permits you run […]

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