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High Frequency Trading Destroys Market Integrity

Posted on 05/26/10 10 Comments

It is pretty clear to most everyone that high frequency trading (HFT) destroys market integrity. In recent comments on my blog post, Strongly Regulate High Frequency Trading, Colin Clark shift’s the discussion away from HFT and points the finger at other market fundamentals.  I agree with Colin that there are certainly myriad other problems caused […]

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Strongly Regulate High Frequency Trading

Posted on 05/25/10 10 Comments

In Regulation: Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater, Progress CTO John Bates illustrates the principle of advocating a position based on a natural conflict-of-interest and then wrapping “the package” in rhetorical phrases. First of all, the US economy (read individual investors) would be much better off if financial services firms (or anyone) were […]

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Apama’s Good Adsense

Posted on 06/17/09 No Comments

I think the following is a very good Google Adsense ad by Apama.     I see this ad running on a number of sites: Stream Processing Engine Now you can monitor, analyze and act on streaming event data. www.Progress.com/apama The ad above is accurate and does not confuse complex event processing with stream processing. […]

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A Bit of History on CEP and ESP Marketing

Posted on 11/16/08 1 Comment

In his Followup to “Do you need a Commercial CEP System?” Marc calls out Progress Apama and their great work in financial services.  I have always liked Apama’s product and what they are doing; however, we should be clear on the difference between marketing and technology. Progress Apama was the company who, when the buzzword […]

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CEP is Not a Just a Technology and Not Just a Tool

Posted on 11/10/08 7 Comments

I read the debate (here, here and here) on how Complex Event Processing (CEP) fits into the wider software architectural themes of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Event Driven Architectures (EDA).  More comments and blog posts followed (including this one, and this one).   Frankly speaking, I was surprised to see so much misunderstanding on fundamental […]

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Mid Year 2008 CEP Public Reference Client Survey

Posted on 08/10/08 No Comments

Our Call for Public CEP Reference Clients for 2008 and on-line research has revealed some expected less-than-encouraging CEP news for 2008.   In a year of downwardly falling capital markets, a continued recession in real-estate markets, unending war and global uncertainty, we find there are myriad CEP partnership and OEM annoucements, quite a few mysterious “secret tribe of elders” awards and a lot of marketing releases […]

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Object Refinement in CEP: Tracking Temperatures

Posted on 08/07/08 No Comments

Our colleagues at Apama share an interesting use case, tracking the body temperature of someone walking in their recent press release. This use case is a clear example of a subfunction of complex event processing, folks in the multi-sensor data fusion field (and here at The CEP Blog) refer to as event (object) refinement, sometimes called “track and trace.” The reason we call this […]

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Muddy Waters

Posted on 07/16/08 11 Comments

In Waters Rankings 2008, Waters stirs the mud and confusion in the CEP/EP community by having their constituents vote on both an ESP solution and an CEP solution set, but giving both awards to vendors with stream processing (ESP) engines.    The two CEP/ESP related Waters’ categories were, Best Streaming Data Management Solution and Best Complex Event […]

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More on CEP Maturity: Capability Versus Reliability

Posted on 06/03/08 No Comments

Louis Lovas of Progress Apama wrote a complimentary blog entry on the topic at hand, CEP Maturity Models.   In his post, Louis says: “What a CEP platform has tracks independently of what it is capable of doing. ….. What CEP does, is likely what Tim is referring to when he states we’re in the Technology Trigger phase.” […]

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IBM Says Business Event Processing is Not CEP

Posted on 01/24/08 14 Comments

Sandy Carter, IBM’s vice president of SOA and WebSphere strategies, said something in IBM Buys AptSoft To Boost BPM-SOA Line I completely agree with, relative to most of the technologies folks are calling “CEP” these days: “In the marketplace today, everybody talks about complex event processing,” Carter said. “We actually are trying to rename that […]

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