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Twenty Four CEP Public Presentations on SlideShare

Posted on 11/03/08 2 Comments

For archiving purposes, I have uploaded 24 public CEP presentations that I presented over an 18 month period at various conferences from March 14, 2006 to September 21, 2007.  These presentations can be viewed here.  For example, my first public CEP presentation: View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: event processing) So far, I […]

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Modelling Air Traffic Control

Posted on 09/08/08 2 Comments

Today I will discuss a general approach to model air traffic control (ATC) using our CEP/EP reference architecture which is an application of the mature JDL multisensor data fusion model. ATC is an excellent working example of complex event processing.   Radar and GPS provide the basic sensory information to accurately track and trace the position of each aircraft […]

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The Kum Bai Ya of Event Processing

Posted on 09/01/08 3 Comments

Kindred spirit Marc Adler mentions being a bit “turned off” by the sniping back-and-forth in the CEP/EP blog-o-sphere.  This was exactly how I felt in early 2006 when folks were sniping back and forth about SQL standards and event stream processing (ESP).  A group of vendors had created some stream processing engines and all were in “power positioning” mode with the acronyms “ESP” and “CEP”, hoping to ride […]

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EPTS Report: Event Processing Reference Architecture Working Group (Slides)

Posted on 09/23/07 2 Comments

The Event Processing Technical Society (EPTS) met in Orlando, Florida, collocated with the Gartner Event Processing Symposium. I reported on the activities of the Event Processing Reference Architecture Working Group (EPRAWG) in this set of slides: Event Processing Technical Society: Event Processing Reference Architecture Working Group – Roll Call and Open Discussion The full roll […]

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Getting Started in CEP: How to Build an Event Processing Application (Slides)

Posted on 09/23/07 No Comments

Many of you have asked me for a copy of my slides from the Gartner Event Processing Symposium last week. Here they are: Getting Started in CEP: How to Build an Event Processing Application Thank you for all the kind words after the presentation! I’ll post some of my reflections on the meeting soon.

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What is Complex Event Processing? (Part 6)

Posted on 05/15/07 2 Comments

Posted by: Tim Bass In What is Complex Event Processing? (Part 5), we discussed situation refinement, the functional component of event processing that describes refining multiple event objects in order to estimate and identify business situations and scenarios in real-time. Today, in Part 6 of What is Complex Event Processing, we discuss impact assessment – […]

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What is Complex Event Processing? (Part 2)

Posted on 05/14/07 No Comments

(Originally Published by Tim Bass, TIBCO Software Inc. , April 23, 2007) In a previous blog entry, What is Complex Event Processing? (Part 1), we introduced a few basic event processing concepts and a functional reference architecture for CEP based on the JDL model for multisensor data fusion. One of the most important concept in […]

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