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GeoIP and Geo-Targeting

Posted on 09/08/09 No Comments

Lately I have been busy with a web-based geo-targeting project.   For those of you not familiar with geo-targeting, the deeper you get into geo-targeting, the more you realize how important and interesting it is. Geo-targeting is used for fraud detection, personalization, ad-targeting, content-delivery, and more.   In addition, the same basic concept is used […]

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A Hidden Danger in Cloud Computing

Posted on 06/23/09 No Comments

Back in the days when I was happily spending time on the operations floor in computing centers, we always observed that the greatest security threats to our systems were well-intended operators who make simple mistakes.  No hacker or criminal ever brought down a network like the bored network guy on the late shift who decided […]

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The Promises and Perils of Twitter

Posted on 04/19/09 1 Comment

One year ago I penned Event Processing in Twitter Space, and today parts of the net are buzzing about Twitter. In a nutshell, Twitter is a one-to-many communications service that uses short messages (140 chars or less). Following on the heels of the blogging phenomena, Twitter has been primarily used for microblogging and group communications. […]

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Peter Lin on Situational Awareness and CEP

Posted on 03/01/09 14 Comments

Recently Peter Lin was kind enough to stop by and post this comment to our post, CEP Software Saves the Universe! Here’s my [Peter Lin’s] bias perspective as a user and developer of expert system shell[s]. A business rule engine, expert system shell or CEP engine at best provide[s] a foundation for creating an expert […]

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Twenty Four CEP Public Presentations on SlideShare

Posted on 11/03/08 2 Comments

For archiving purposes, I have uploaded 24 public CEP presentations that I presented over an 18 month period at various conferences from March 14, 2006 to September 21, 2007.  These presentations can be viewed here.  For example, my first public CEP presentation: View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: event processing) So far, I […]

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Proxy Caches and Web Application Security

Posted on 10/30/08 No Comments

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.

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Wall Street Firms Using CEP to Measure and Manage Risk

Posted on 10/29/08 No Comments

Oct 27, 2008 By Penny Crosman URL: http://www.wallstreetandtech.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=211300559 One of the many effects of the credit crisis is that Wall Street firms have found a new focus for their complex event processing projects. Although they’re not abandoning CEP-based algorithmic trading, new CEP initiatives are focused on measuring and managing risk. With its ability to watch […]

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Modelling The Global Financial Meltdown

Posted on 10/02/08 No Comments

Yesterday I received a call from Penny Grosman, Senior Editor, Wall Street & Technology.   Penny was interested in my opinion, “Will risk management applications be the next killer app for CEP” on Wall Street.    I enjoyed talking with Penny.  She caught up with me leaving a tailor’s shop in Chiang Mai, so I hope […]

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Corporate Greed and the Destabilization of Society

Posted on 09/23/08 No Comments

In The Audacity of Capital Markets we briefly touched on the culture of arrogance and greed in financial services.  It is interesting because if you look at the various software players that are focused on selling to financial services, you will easily see that they have bought into the same “feed the beast” culture that […]

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Modelling Air Traffic Control

Posted on 09/08/08 2 Comments

Today I will discuss a general approach to model air traffic control (ATC) using our CEP/EP reference architecture which is an application of the mature JDL multisensor data fusion model. ATC is an excellent working example of complex event processing.   Radar and GPS provide the basic sensory information to accurately track and trace the position of each aircraft […]

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