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Why Gimmick Marketing?

Posted on 06/29/09 5 Comments

I remember when I was first introduced to Linux, circa 1993.    There was no Linux marketing.   Linux was simply a great operating system and I could use it as a mail server, a file server, a name server, a web server, a database platform, a development platform, a sniffer, a firewall, and more.   I introduced […]

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Repeat the Term CEP Eleven Times and Click Your Heels

Posted on 02/06/09 No Comments

Fellow blogger Marc Adler writes Streambase on the Move? , apparently in agreement with some of the super-marketing hype on CEP.  Streambase uses the  term “CEP” in a press release 11 (eleven) times — as if you repeat the phrase CEP eleven times you are a true “CEP player”.   Maybe this is the marketing theory […]

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Economic Fundamentals of IT Initiatives

Posted on 01/13/09 2 Comments

In Some Footnotes to Recent Blogs Opher provides a bit of cross-blog-fodder (CBF) for his readers (and apologies to Opher for using his post as a introduction), …customers started to see Blogs as authority, and this can be of course dangerous since not everybody who Blogs about something is really an authority… Of course the […]

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Comprehensive Misinformation on Evaluating ESP Engines

Posted on 11/24/08 No Comments

Folks are worried about the future of CEP. Vendors have spun so much misinformation around the term “CEP” that this three letter acronym (TLA) has begun to have little meaning other than to reflect a confusing web of solutions overhyped around a few relatively simple stream processing engines, used primarily in financial services.  Frankly speaking,  […]

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CEP is Not a Just a Technology and Not Just a Tool

Posted on 11/10/08 7 Comments

I read the debate (here, here and here) on how Complex Event Processing (CEP) fits into the wider software architectural themes of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Event Driven Architectures (EDA).  More comments and blog posts followed (including this one, and this one).   Frankly speaking, I was surprised to see so much misunderstanding on fundamental […]

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Cisco 7600 OSR Backbone Router

Posted on 09/06/08 No Comments

For our confused COO blogger over at StreamBase, who thinks an Internet backbone router is the small $30 device he set up in his home office, here is a photo of a the Cisco 7600 OSR which of course runs CISCO IOS. The Cisco 7600 OSR consists of a 256 Gbps switching fabric and a 30 million packets […]

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Towards a Streaming SQL Standard

Posted on 09/05/08 No Comments

In More Towards a Streaming SQL Standard, Marc Adler says, “Despite what I think about Streambase’s marketing and sales organization, you must admit that Zdonik and Cherniack are first-class researchers, and have contributed a lot to the field of CEP.” I agree that these gentlemen are top notch researchers, witnessed by the fact that the authors […]

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Streaming SQL Approaches Insist in Ignoring Causality by PatternStorm

Posted on 09/05/08 1 Comment

The following excellent discussion is reposted from Streaming SQL approaches insist in ignoring causality by PatternStorm. The recent paper “Towards a Streaming SQL Standard” by Oracle and Streambase unifies and generalizes two different execution models of Streaming SQL: Oracle’s and StreamBase’s. While it’s true that the generalization succeeds in overcoming the unability of both execution models […]

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CEP is Not Low Latency Messaging, EAI or ESB

Posted on 09/03/08 3 Comments

In respose to CEP is Not BPM, BAM, BRE, BRMS or SOA, fellow blogger Mark Palmer posts, Smart Order Routing and CEP – Made for Each Other.   Mark does a good job describing his perspective on smart order routing (SOR), yet his counterpoint that SOR is “complex event processing” is quite unconvincing. I agree with Mark that SOR is […]

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Mid Year 2008 CEP Public Reference Client Survey

Posted on 08/10/08 No Comments

Our Call for Public CEP Reference Clients for 2008 and on-line research has revealed some expected less-than-encouraging CEP news for 2008.   In a year of downwardly falling capital markets, a continued recession in real-estate markets, unending war and global uncertainty, we find there are myriad CEP partnership and OEM annoucements, quite a few mysterious “secret tribe of elders” awards and a lot of marketing releases […]

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