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A US Constitutional Failure Regarding Our Protection

Posted on 01/01/10 No Comments

Like most of you, I am still in complete shock over Northwest Flight 253 and how our government still cannot connect-the-dots in simple intelligence matters to protect us from harm. In this case, the well-respected father of a radical-Islamic Nigerian named Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab reached out to the US Embassy and other organizations in an […]

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Complex Event Processing in the Belly of the Beast

Posted on 09/22/09 5 Comments

Around 10 years ago I worked as Technical Director for SAIC as a member of an elite group of Internet security experts.   I was responsible for a number of very large global financial corporations (well, actually two).  The leader of our division, called The Center of Information Protection (The CIP), was a very intelligent […]

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U.S. Cyber Command – Air Force Stumbles

Posted on 07/06/09 No Comments

Great and powerful organizations can be handicapped by their own greatness.   The shear magnificence, power and strength of the USAF also can be it’s own weakness at times.  This is certainly true in the area of communications, air power and cyberspace. The communications mission of the Air Force is highly interconnected with it’s core […]

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Only Just Beginning: Twitter message could be cyber criminal at work

Posted on 07/05/09 No Comments

I have blogged (here and on the (ISC)2 blog) about potential security issues in the rising use and hyper marketing of Twitter, so I found this CNN story (which only scratches the surface of the risks) of interest, Twitter message could be cyber criminal at work. “Cyber criminals have been targeting Twitter users by creating […]

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U.S. Cyber Command – Some Deep Background

Posted on 06/25/09 No Comments

It is not common knowledge, but we began discussing the need for a cyber command in the mid-1990s; but it was the Langley Cyber Attack in 1997 that started the momentum toward making a future cyber command a reality.   I don’t want to rehash well-documented historical events in this post.  Instead, I will focus […]

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U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBERCOMM)

Posted on 06/25/09 No Comments

As someone who, as a consultant, proposed a Cyber Command for the USAF over a decade ago, it is good to see the DOD moving in that direction with the proposed US Cyber Command.    Cyberspace is a critical operational dimension. I first referred to this in a 1997 MILCOM paper co-authored with Lt. Col. […]

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A Hidden Danger in Cloud Computing

Posted on 06/23/09 No Comments

Back in the days when I was happily spending time on the operations floor in computing centers, we always observed that the greatest security threats to our systems were well-intended operators who make simple mistakes.  No hacker or criminal ever brought down a network like the bored network guy on the late shift who decided […]

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The Promises and Perils of Twitter

Posted on 04/19/09 1 Comment

One year ago I penned Event Processing in Twitter Space, and today parts of the net are buzzing about Twitter. In a nutshell, Twitter is a one-to-many communications service that uses short messages (140 chars or less). Following on the heels of the blogging phenomena, Twitter has been primarily used for microblogging and group communications. […]

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Peter Lin on Situational Awareness and CEP

Posted on 03/01/09 14 Comments

Recently Peter Lin was kind enough to stop by and post this comment to our post, CEP Software Saves the Universe! Here’s my [Peter Lin’s] bias perspective as a user and developer of expert system shell[s]. A business rule engine, expert system shell or CEP engine at best provide[s] a foundation for creating an expert […]

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Google’s Self-Inflicted Denial-of-Service Attack

Posted on 02/02/09 No Comments

Over the years most of us who have “been around the block” in IT operations have always said, based on experience, that one of the biggest looming threats to IT operations is always a well intended employee who makes an honest mistake.   I can recall discussing this topic almost daily with my honorable USAF colleagues, […]

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