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TIBCO Continues to Lead in the CEP Space

Posted on 05/24/10 No Comments

After months under the specter of civil unrest in Thailand, and more recently nearly a week dominated by a government imposed curfew in Thailand, I was pleased to read Paul Vincent’s post, TUCON2010: Reviewing the reviews, and yet more CEP presentations…” Paul, Alan and the TIBCO event processing team continue to demonstrate why TIBCO is […]

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RETE Engines Must Forward and Backward Chain?!

Posted on 03/06/10 16 Comments

In a new development for me, I recently learned that one of the criteria for a “RETE-based rules-engine” to actually be classified as “RETE” is that the software must perform both forward and backward chaining. A well respected rules professional just informed me: If [the rules-engine] is just forward chaining it’s not RETE because the […]

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The Power of Events Revisited (Part 1)

Posted on 03/02/10 No Comments

When I first read The Power of Events: An Introduction to Complex Event Processing in Distributed Enterprise Systems by David Luckham I took away three high level ideas: Events are important in business. Events can be processed in a hierarchical way. Rapide is a modeling tool developed at Stanford that can be used to model […]

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Why Gimmick Marketing?

Posted on 06/29/09 5 Comments

I remember when I was first introduced to Linux, circa 1993.    There was no Linux marketing.   Linux was simply a great operating system and I could use it as a mail server, a file server, a name server, a web server, a database platform, a development platform, a sniffer, a firewall, and more.   I introduced […]

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TIBCO Silver v. Amazon EC2: First Impressions

Posted on 06/09/09 9 Comments

Just coming off a ten day vacation, I was planning to write a few posts on a few “pure” scientific topics like string theory, complexity, and emergence.    However, a few folks contacted me and asked me my opinion on TIBCO Silver; so, I thought I would at least blog on my first impressions. TIBCO’s […]

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Commentary on the Floundering CEP Market

Posted on 03/23/09 6 Comments

In response to Complex Event Processing Vendors Flounder is important to point out that it is a fact that the so called “CEP software” on the market today has made littie progress outside a handful of niche areas in capital markets where there have been no generic event processing platforms available in the past.  In […]

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CEP: A Technology Behind The Power Curve

Posted on 03/16/09 1 Comment

It was almost three years ago when I was introduced to the buzzword “complex event processing” by good friends and colleagues at TIBCO Software.  At TIBCO (before and during my time there) we always discussed how “real-time event processing” would be a technology to address “the needle in the haystack” detection problems in the big […]

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(Yawn) Aleri Buys Coral8 – (Wow) Citigroup Stock Falls Below A Buck!

Posted on 03/10/09 6 Comments

I think Mark over at Citi has been drinking too much of Aleri’s wine over at Columbus Circle.   For some reason (must be the wine and marketing hype), Marc thinks that Aleri absorbing Coral8 is “earth-shattering news” ?  Obviously, Aleri and Coral8 would like for us to think it was, in Marc’s words “earth-shattering […]

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CEP Software Saves the Universe!

Posted on 02/25/09 8 Comments

Situational awareness is a complex concept that cannot be accomplished by any of the “CEP” software on the market today.   In his post, Human CEP: the gut feeling?, Paul Vincent of TIBCO says, [A] firefighter avoiding death by analyzing his situation …. is provided by event-driven CEP systems. The fact of the matter is that […]

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The Syndera Journey

Posted on 02/23/09 9 Comments

Syndera, a defunct privately held company founded in 2002 and headquartered in Monterey, California sold their core software assets to TIBCO in 2008 for $1M USD.  Syndera was based on the concept of application syndication,providing “visibility into software assets across the enterprise and provides a way to re-use these assets to pre-integrate applications.” On February […]

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