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CloudFront LogAnalyzer on Amazon Elastic MapReduce

Posted on 05/07/09 No Comments

The Amazon Elastic MapReduce team has a sample application, CloudFront LogAnalyzer, designed to analyze Amazon CloudFront access logs. This tool provided users with the power of Amazon Elastic MapReduce to quickly turn access log data into actionable intelligence. Access logs are activity records about all requests delivered through Amazon CloudFront and contains a valuable set […]

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A Review of Zabbix – Zabbix Rules! (Part 2)

Posted on 03/23/09 2 Comments

In A Review of Zabbix – Zabbix Rules! (Part 1) we provided a brief introduction to Zabbix in the context of network and security management.  In this post I will discuss Zabbix as an event processing platform. Zabbix is like most event processing platforms.  Zabbix provides both agent-initiated events as well as server-requested events.  In […]

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A Review of Zabbix – Zabbix Rules! (Part 1)

Posted on 03/20/09 No Comments

It was 1992, the Internet was still an uncertain “dream technology” by scientists, and I was working at SprintLink.   My role was the lead systems engineer to set up the network and security management center for SprintLink and Managed Router Network (MRN) team. We used HP Open View Network Node Manager (NNM) for our core […]

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The Syndera Journey

Posted on 02/23/09 9 Comments

Syndera, a defunct privately held company founded in 2002 and headquartered in Monterey, California sold their core software assets to TIBCO in 2008 for $1M USD.  Syndera was based on the concept of application syndication,providing “visibility into software assets across the enterprise and provides a way to re-use these assets to pre-integrate applications.” On February […]

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AF083-022: Visualization for Command and Control of Cyberspace Operations

Posted on 10/18/08 No Comments

AF083-022  TITLE: Visualization for Command and Control of Cyberspace Operations TECHNOLOGY AREAS: Air Platform, Information Systems, Space Platforms, Human Systems The technology within this topic is restricted under the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), which controls the export and import of defense-related material and services. Offerors must disclose any proposed use of foreign nationals, […]

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The Secret Sauce is the Situation Models

Posted on 08/09/08 No Comments

Alan Lundberg wrote, Intelligent Business Process Platform? in response to Bringing Order to Chaos where someone from PWC linked event processing to business intelligence and business process management.  In turn, James Taylor penned Using decision management to deliver intelligent business performance where James rightly said that it does not require “heroic efforts” to integrate event processing, BI, BPM and […]

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A Blast from the Past: Processing Patterns for Predictive Business, March 2006

Posted on 07/09/08 No Comments

For readers interested in complex event processing and a few of the challenges the industry faces, here is a presentation from 28 months back called Processing Patterns for Predictive Business.   This presentation was delivered at the first Workshop on Event Processing – Presentations at IBM Research Labs, Yorktown Heights, March 14-16th 2006. The same key points of […]

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Webinar: BAM: The Killer App for CEP

Posted on 01/31/08 No Comments

Just recently found out that the folks at SL have confirmed an eBiz webinar where I’ll be speaking with colleague Ted Wilson about BAM: The Killer App for CEP.

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Key Indicators (KIs) Versus Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Posted on 01/31/08 No Comments

SL‘s new web page, Solutions for CEP Engine Users, discusses how CEP is a “technology that is used to help companies detect both opportunities and threats in real-time with minimal coding and reusable key performance indicators (KPIs) and business models.” I agree with SL, but would like to suggest my friends at SL expand the notion of KPIs in CEP […]

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BAM Solutions for CEP Engine Users

Posted on 01/23/08 No Comments

Today I noticed that SL Corporation has revamped their website with a new page, Solutions for CEP Engine Users.    The page is well written, reinforcing some of my earlier posts on the value proposition for CEP; so I hope the folks at SL don’t mind if I repost their excellent thoughts on BAM and CEP here.  Solutions for CEP Engine […]

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