Wealth Management
Wealth Management

I have just been invited to speak at a November 2007 Weath Management conference in Asia.  My presentation will be, How Information Technology Can Be Used to Detect Opportunities and Threats in Wealth Management, with an abstract as follows:

Managing risk and exploiting financial opportunities are converging as complementary business models in today’s Internet dependent world. High net worth (HNW) individuals, in particular, expect state-of-the-art real-time asset and risk management services. This creates a demand for a more aware and proactive stance towards threat and opportunity detection. Your organisation must be prepared to respond accurately and swiftly to unpredictable events, news, emergencies and rapidly changing market conditions in order to safeguard your investors’ assets and also to protect your corporate reputation. This session delves into this critical part of wealth management:

• Perusing the state-of-the-art in real-time event processing
• Integrating the practices of data mining, profiling and real-time detection
• Modelling risks and opportunities in software in order to better manage them
• Case studies of real-time threat detection, including AML and fraud detection
• Case studies of real-time opportunity detection with white box cybertrading platforms

Please stay tuned for more details.