Blast from the Past
Blast from the Past

For readers interested in complex event processing and a few of the challenges the industry faces, here is a presentation from 28 months back called Processing Patterns for Predictive Business.   This presentation was delivered at the first Workshop on Event Processing – Presentations at IBM Research Labs, Yorktown Heights, March 14-16th 2006.

The same key points of that presentation are still relevant today:

1. Event-Decision Processing is Computationally Intensive

2. CEP requires a Number of Technologies:

  • Distributed Computing, Publish/Subscribe and SOA
  • Hierarchical, Cooperative Inference Processing
  • High Speed, Real Time Processing with State Management
  • Event-Decision Architecture for Complex Situations and Events
  • There is no single “CEP Solution” or “CEP Product” (in the market place then, and today)

3. CEP needs a Common Vocabulary and Functional Architecture based on Mature, Industry-Standard Inference Models

4. Processing and Integration Patterns for CEP need to be Developed and Formalized

Since March of 2006 a number of other challenges has surfaced.  I will elaborate on this challenges in a future post.