Hello from Taipei.

We just completed an absolutely awesome OWASP conference (over 1200 attendees), OWASP AppSec Asia 2008 – Taiwan. This was a very well managed conference, organized by Wayne Huang, OWASP Taiwan Chapter Leader and Founder and CEO of Armorize.¬† In a future post, when I get links to other speaker’s presentations, I will talk more about some of really interesting people and topics from the conference.

In the meantime, I promised to make my slides available, Proxy Caches and Web Application Security Using the Recent Google Docs 0-Day as an Example. Here are some of the comments I was lucky to receive from attendees, so far:

Hi, Tim:

Thanks for your wondering [translation: thoughtful] talk in OWASP conference at Taiwan.

I like your comment on “Proxy cache is threat, bad code is flaw.” Sometimes, we, as developers or vendors, tend to blame others for the bugs introduced because of our ignorance during design/implement phases of our products. I think your comment is a proactive way to deal with such ignorance. As a development leader, I’ve been tried to sell this idea to my boss for years but the result is some what disappointing.

Anyway, thanks for the talk once again, and hope that I can have another talk from you in the future.

– Cyril


Jim Liu

Hi Tim,

This is Jim from Armorize Tech. Your talk on OWASP Taipei is awesome!


Hi Tim,

Excellent speech on OWASP Asia 2008 in Taiwan. I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

– Richard Ju



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