Recently I have been reading so many laughable posts by CEP software vendors, it makes me want to cry!

Vendors are still confusing CEP and EDA.  Vendors are touting CEP as BRMS.   There is so much CEP misinformation on the netwaves that it pains me to read my Google alerts these days!

I was planning to write a comprehensive article about the recent flurry of “CEP is now BAM” posts, where vendors are taking a relatively simple BAM application and now calling it CEP, but it is too painful.

Stop the pain, please!

The CEP marketing campaigns are getting really desperate!!

It has become exhausting to read all the misinformation about CEP, mostly pushed by a handful of small niche software companies and their analyst groupies.   Stop the pain! If I responded to all of them, I would spend all my time responding to the misinformation, lost in an cyber misinformation “DO LOOP”, LOL.

Well, knowing well how exhausting and time consuming it can be  to try to respond to all the absolute junk CEP marketing hype, I was pleased to see Marc Adler hit a home run with CEP and Legend in it’s own Mind? Great post Marc!  Thank you very much.

The enemy of CEP is CEP vendors and their groupie analysts.

As I mentioned before, these CEP marketing groupies are simply touting snake oil to solve serious operational problems.   Stop the pain! Selling relative very simple rules engines as “save the planet” intelligent systems, “Hey Dude!, Pass me a Joint!!  CEP is really groovy, man!” The entire industry would be better off if they would stop smoking wacky weed and join  “Hypers Anonymous” (HA), ROTFL.

(I think I will write a future post post called “CEP Animal Farm” as in George Orwell’s amazing book most of us read as junior high students.)

Frankly speaking, it is not only the CEP vendors to blame.

Look no further than the “Independent CEP Leadership”, willingly seduced by paid corporate sponsorships, travel and speaking engagements.

CEP is going to become a joke (if it is not already, as Marc hints. calling CEP “a legend it it’s own mind”), with vendors overhyping their simple rules engines as tonic for all the world’s complex problems.   Just as laughable is the repackaging BAM as CEP, or the repackaging of scheduling as CEP.

Please, stop the pain!

No wait!   I have a stream processing rules engine with a cute GUI, and “my” GUI is better than “your” GUI, and “my” engine is better than “your” engine.   Na Naa Na Naa Nah!   “My product” can do BAM and “my product” can do scheduling…..

Folks, we do more interesting things with “Web 2.0” APIs and mashups in a single day and without the hype and bitter taste of snake oil on our lips.   It is quite simple really,

The enemy of CEP is CEP vendors.