My apologies for not living up to my promises to blog more on event processing. Recent events in Thailand have been keeping us all on edge for the last few months. The same basic power struggle that has existed in Thailand for centuries continues with no resolution in sight. There is a great book on this topic that I assume most people outside of Thailand are not interested in reading. In the remote chance you are interested, the book is called Corruption and Democracy in Thailand. This is, perhaps, the best book on the subject and if you read it, you will have a good understanding of all the problems that are making headlines these days.

Regarding rules and event processing, I recently read a very good online article on robotics (in 2010). I don’t have the link handy, but in a nutshell, the author (a well respected professor at MIT, as I recall) discussed why robots cannot be trusted to do anything except the most simple and mundane tasks. The author cited a very good example of why rules processing in robotics leads to dangerous outcomes that can be harmful to humans. Unfortunately, I cannot elaborate (today) because my laptop (where I had bookmarked the article) crashed and I have not had time to repair it. My apologies.

In addition, I thought that working on so many Internet and computer projects makes Tim a dull boy, as they say, so I have been a bit busy taking some SCUBA classes this month. You can look on the top right of this page to see my latest dive. I will make 5 more dives in the next few days, completing my Advance Open Water training.

With so much negative energy in the world, I have decided to enjoy nature and the sea a bit more, resting my eyes from hours on the computer and resting my mind from all the constant extremism and hate that consumes all the various media outlets.