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After months under the specter of civil unrest in Thailand, and more recently nearly a week dominated by a government imposed curfew in Thailand, I was pleased to read Paul Vincent’s post, TUCON2010: Reviewing the reviews, and yet more CEP presentations…” Paul, Alan and the TIBCO event processing team continue to demonstrate why TIBCO is the commercial market leader in CEP software.   I was quite happy to read this quote:

TIBCO covered Cyber Security – …real-time decision support has become increasingly critical to enterprise operations, establishing relationships between disparate events and the flood of seemingly unrelated data has often complicated cyber security solution development. … demonstrate, live, a jointly developed cyber security solution based on complex event processing and closed-loop systems analysis. This approach not only thwarts cyber attacks, it enables you to create actionable intelligence, specific courses of action, and situational awareness, culminating in rapid decision-making and attack mitigation.

Many of you may recall the wild instability in the US stock markets a few weeks ago. As I recall, Accenture stock gyrated from around $40 a share to 40 cents a share and back all within a short trading session. (Please correct me if my memory is incorrect). The root cause for all of this instability, of course, is high speed program trading, something many of us strongly condemn and demand strong government regulation.

So, amidst all the extremism, corporate greed and distorted media messages from Tacoma to Thailand, it is great to see one great Palo Alto company, TIBCO Software, continuing to focus on helping their customers process events with a focus outside of greed-driven financial services and fringe algorithmic trading.  Thank you TIBCO!

Maybe in my next post I’ll post “off topic” and offer my road map for improving the outlook for Thailand’s very unstable political future.  I don’t think anyone cares (what I have to say on this topic) and I know for certain the Thai government is not interested!