Here is another timely article by a reputable news source, Monsters in the Market.   I find it really hilarious to have recently learned this blog has been boycotted by the financial services crowd and their CEP cheerleaders because of my “rants”.   I guess the same crowd will need to boycott The Atlantic, Fortune, and other magazines now.  Shoot and shut-up the messenger! Censorship and hate-mongering has become the tool of choice for various lobbying efforts to keep the system from changing.  Boycott! Censor! Discredit!  Attack! All for one motive. Profit.  Greed.  Winning over others.

Human society is addicted to money, the most dangerous, perfectly legal, mind-drug on the planet. Wake up people! We all know that money is the root of all evil.   Try to stand-up for what is right instead of being a weak, sniveling, money addict.    Just speaking the truth puts us on the blacklist of the greedy addicts and their core ethic – “to exploit system weaknesses and loopholes at the expense of other is fine by us!”

This is a rant worth living, for the sake of a better society.  Stop the greed.  Control your addiction to profit and money.   Do not exploit others for your own gain.  Live with honor and ethics.

Whoops…. I did it again.    I ranted.

Just look at our once beautiful Gulf of Mexico.  Greed. Exploitation. Corruption. Short cuts. Unsafe  practices – it is the same song over and over again.   Our planet is very sick and the virus is the minds of the greedy, selfish people addicted to fame, money and profit.


  1. I’m with you 100%. Sadly, no amount of reasoning or screaming will change that. Until a majority of the public gets out-raged by the behavior and foce politicians to act, I seriously doubt meaningful change will occur.,

  2. Yea, that must be why they call it “ranting”… LOL

    The entire population is so addicted to fame and fortune that it looks like a bunch of mindless zombies marching to a beat which they follow, but they have no idea they are following it. They are out-of-control of their minds.

  3. Partly agreed –
    Shoot and shut-up the messenger! Censorship and hate-mongering has become the tool of choice for various lobbying efforts

    Very much so but for many things not just entrenched corporate interests but political ones too. Was it not ever thus? However I do think people have much shorter attention spans and operate at a massive group think level than previously.

    IMHO Money is not the problem it is merely a mirror in which reflects our own weaknesses and foilbles. I fear you are titlting at the windmills of human nature ..

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