The Joint Force Commander’s Guide to Cyberspace Operations
The Joint Force Commander’s Guide to Cyberspace Operations

Ying Zhuo, Qiang Zhang and Zhenghu Gong, Cyberspace Situation representation based on Niche Theory, International Conference on Information and Automation (ICIA 2008), 20-23 June 2008, DOI: 10.1109/ICINFA.2008.4608221.


“The rapid development of Internet leads to an increase in system complexity. Traditional network management can not meet the requirement, and it should evolve to fusion based Cyberspace Situational Awareness (CSA). Knowledge representation as the basis of Situation Awareness uses a uniform standard method to gather massive network management information and express various content such as network operation, user interaction, Cyberspace Situation factors, and so on, and therefore it plays a vital role to simplify Situational Awareness and integrate unit network management. Borrowing a good idea from Niche Theory, we establish a multi-view hypervolume Cyberspace Situation Niche, which can provide an accurate comprehensive detailed description of Cyberspace Situation using three views and a number of metrics. Then we take situation assessment, network analysis and visualization as examples to illustrate the applications and advantages of Situation Niche.”

1. Introduction

“Traditional unit network managements work in an independent state. Due to the absence of the communication between unit managements, massive network management information could not strengthen management, but instead has increased the burden on network administrators. Fusion based Cyberspace Situational Awareness will certainly become the direction of development in future [1]. The concept of Cyberspace Situational Awareness (CSA) was proposed for the first time by Tim Bass in 1999 [2], intended to introduce Situational Awareness technologies into the field of network management and network security, so as to organize complex information efficiently, offer the administrators a better comprehension of network, and shorten decision-making time. The so-called Cyberspace Situation is that the current state and trends of the entire network which is composed of operation status of various network equipment, network actions, user behavior and other factors. CSA refers to the acquirement, comprehension, assessment, visualization of situation factors which can cause changes in the Cyberspace Situation, and predict the trend of future development in the large-scale network environments.”

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