Following on to  “Merging Two Distributed JSON Files using PHP and OpenGraphiti“, in this video we illustrate what I call (for fun) “Baby Fusion”.   This “Baby Fusion” is simply the imperfect “baby step” union of the nodes and edges two graphs from two servers   The graphs illustrate web (blue) and ssh (red) traffic.  Because we have ssh’ed from one of these servers to the other, and back; there a couple of nodes and edges have “fused together” during the graph union process.

This is not an impression video from a eye candy point of view;  but it does start to illustrated the data fusion of sensor output from two servers.   I will continue to refine this and add feature extraction processing and better node and edge fusion processing to the two server example, and then move on to three devices afterwards.

I also need to refine the objects by adding more attributes from the raw sensor data; and I need to refine the object base by experimenting with object order and how order effects graph union.   In addition, I need to refine the fusion of the two object bases to get a more accurate view of the fusion of the two server’s sensor data.

Stay tuned.