netjsongraph.js is based on D3.js and uses NetJSON format.

NetJSON is a data interchange format based on JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) designed to help describe the basic building blocks of layer2 and layer3 networks. NetJSON defines several types of JSON objects and the manner in which they are combined to represent a network such as:

  • network configuration of devices
  • monitoring data
  • routing information
  • network topology

OpenGraphiti does not use the NetJSON format. So, the next step in our quest toward multi-sensor graph fusion adventure using “software as a sensor” is to write more JSON files in NetJSON format. At first, I wrote OpenGraphiti compatible JSON files and created some OG examples to get the ball rolling. Today I modified that code to write the same objects in NetJSON format to be displayed in a web brower using netjsongraph.js and the underlying JS graphing engine.

In a nutshell, besides being completely different graphing engines, netjsongraph.js makes extensive use of CSS to set the attributes (color, size, shape, etc) of nodes and edges and works in a web browser, obviously. OG does not support web clients and CSS at this time (and seems like the development of OG is at a near standstill these days).

More on this later as I get more experience with these JSON-based graphing engines.