A Logo from IDS Alerts
A Logo from IDS Alerts

Yesterday I was having fun with data visualization and decided to work on transforming Snort IDS alert data from a D3 Force Layout to a D3 Radial Tree Layout.   It took me a while to get the back-end code correct to write the correct JSON files for both layouts.

Snort Alerts  - D3 Radial Tree
Snort Alerts – D3 Radial Tree

After trying various color schemes and removing the text, I decided to make some “data art” and may have stumbled upon a new logo design by accident.

The left hand image is the IDS alert data using a force layout network.  The right hand image is the radial tree layout for the exact same data-set with CSS color changes and the text removed from the nodes.

Maybe the cool looking radial tree visual on the right will make a nice new logo for my cyber situational awareness research?

Snort Alerts - Radial Tree
Snort Alerts – Radial Tree