Team Russia is now leading Team USA by a score of 68 to 6 in Cyberwar Football.

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In the past six weeks the Russians has scored 14 Cyberwar points as Donald Trump fires well respected FBI director James Comey and invites high-level Russians into the Oval Office, banning the US news media and permitting only Russian photographers to observe.

In addition, it appears that Trump and his White House team continue to attempt to obstruct the investigation into Russian active measures into the 2016 US election. Team Russia continues to score big as Team Trump provides zero support to Team USA. In fact Team Trump seems anti Team USA, for reasons which are unclear.

Team USA has managed to put more 3 points on the board by resisting Team Trump’s obstruction, but Republicans continue to be loyal to the Republican Party and Team Trump, not the US Constitution. This loyalty seems to be related to the Republican political agenda and the perception from Republican lawmakers that they need to remain loyal to Team Trump until their agenda moves forward.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Sunday that he thinks US institutions are under assault from President Donald Trump (CNN).

Team Russia 68 – Team USA 6

Russia must be thrilled at their amazing lead over Team USA in the Cyberwar games. Regardless of your political beliefs, Team Russia is currently crushing Team USA at Cyberwar Football.