Space Scene Graphics Include Spaceships, Distant Galaxies and Nebulas.

This video below illustrates the results of our brief experiments with space scene graphics over a two day period, including a spaceship, nebulas, galaxies as light sources, and other space scene graphics.

We conclude, based on these experiments into human factors for cyberspace situational awareness, that while space scene graphics are certainly beautiful and these graphics are appropriate and desirable for music videos, video games and other forms of entertainment; space scene graphics tend to distract from the cybersecurity analysts ability to focus on patterns and anomalies in cyberspace.

I would like to acknowledge Richard Zuech for his suggestions that we look into adding space scene graphics. Although our brief experiments in adding space scene graphics to our virtualized cyberspace scenes indicated that these graphics add little value and tend to distract the analyst, it was a very rewarding two to three day experiment in space scene graphics and features. Thank you Rich! This is too much fun to be work!

Check out Rich’s blog post and video tutorial, Hunting Anomalous Bots and An Introduction to Cyber-Objects – LIVE from Cyberspace !, to see what our virtualized cyberspace looks like without fancy space scene graphics and spaceships.