Bruce Schneier just penned this opinion piece on CNN:

Don’t waste your breath complaining to Equifax about data breach

In that post Schneier strongly states, and I quote him directly:

“I also don’t have a Gmail account, because I don’t want Google storing my email. But my guess is that it has about half of my email anyway, because so many people I correspond with have accounts. I can’t even avoid it by choosing not to write to addresses, because I have no way of knowing if is hosted at Gmail.”

This is simply not true. On any UNIX or linux console you can simple use the standard dig utility and quickly search for the mail host record of any domain on the Internet:

dig -t mx {domain}

For example, try:

dig -t mx

You will quickly see the exact MX records (the type of record for SMTP email).

dig -t MX
dig -t MX

If you do this for a domain which uses Google’s gmail servers, for example

dig -t mx

You can easily see that uses Gmail.

dig -t MX
dig -t MX

Personally, I am not a fan of “cybersecurity experts” who do not have hands-on system admin experience and nor am I a fan of “cybersecurity experts” who are great marketeers but do not really understand the Internet and the very elementary basics of how the Internet works.

Of course, Bruce Schneier is loved by many.

However, his opinion piece on CNN contains information which is flat out wrong,

Sorry Bruce.