Note: This review was the highest rated “Most Helpful” review of Russian Roulette on Audible with a user rating of 65/77, then this review was abruptly deleted on April 11, 2018 by Audible (an Amazon company). Here is the review (a couple of small typos corrected):

The book title, Russian Roulette, is misleading.

Although the 2016 presidential election and Russia is the back drop for the book, this is a story about total government, commercial and political incompetence at the highest levels. I voted for B. Obama was a huge fan of Obama before I listened to this book. Obama and the White House could have, and should have, taken care of this active measures attack during 2015 and 2016. However, shy and timid, afraid to act, afraid to influence the election, completely “the lame duck” for two years, the Obama administration’s inaction and countermeasures paralysis is without question. This is clear after reading this very well written documentary.

In addition, H. Clinton, her staff and information technology and cybersecurity team were also totally incompetent. Paralyzed and paranoid about the FBI’s investigation into her terrible decision to use a private email server earlier, they did not heed any of the many and repeated FBI warnings to secure her computing infrastructure. H. Clinton (whom I reluctantly supported for president prior to reading this book) and her team basically let all of this happen by not securing their systems and not cooperating with the FBI when the FBI tried to help them. Total incompetence and fear by the Clinton team and the DNC, etc.

I am not a Trump fan and think the sooner he is out of the White House the better for America. However, if the prior administration had of done their jobs protecting the country and critical infrastructures, including monitoring Facebook and other social media for illegal foreign activity; most of the current problems with national security could have been avoided. Anyone with half a mind could see all of the misinformation on Facebook going back many years, yet no one did anything about it because they did not understand the simple basics of information warfare.

Facebook is also to blame as are other big, modern day media companies who permit people to register without verifying their identity, permit foreigners to buy advertising for political purposes, permit politically related advertising without identifying the true sponsors, and share the personal data of US citizens that can be weaponized against the national security of the country.

M. Zuckerberg and the Facebook team put profit and public relations before national security, this is obvious. Zuckerberg talks like an innocent child, and if so, why is such a child running the most influential and powerful media company in the world? It’s time for him to step aside, I think; especially after the Cambridge Analytica story broke last week.

Yes, we all are mesmerized, myself included, by the 24 hour cable news reality show called “The Trump Presidency”. However, this is not all Trump’s fault. Trump and his team were probably more unwitting than everyone thinks. After all, if the entire US government, the prior administration and the intelligence community could not stop Russian interference active measures, why do we expect an inexperienced bombastic reality show TV star turned president to stop Russia?

Trump is probably afraid for himself and his family. He has very little institutional support except for rural, uneducated and disenfranchised voters and Russia. He must be “freaking out” as they say. Trump should admit he was duped by many people and move on to fix this very serious problem in cybersecurity. As the saying goes, “do not attribute to malice what can be attributed to incompetence.” This story illustrates this old saying in spades.

This book is the most factual I have read so far on this topic. It’s much more factual than “Fire and Fury”, which was a great read, but not factual nor historical. “Collusion” by Luke Harding was good but not as factually deep. “The Plot to Hack America” by M. Nance was decent, but Nance is too biased against Trump and failed to see the core problem, incompetence by both the prior administration, the current administration and high tech for-profit personal-profile-for-sale companies.

This book is not very entertaining (compared to F & F). This book is factual and unbiased, meaning it is dry like a textbook.

This book is a must read if you want to know the truth, and the truth is not pretty for the Democratics, Republicans or Zuckerberg and Co. Stop blaming Putin, and stop blaming Trump and stop the blame game, and fix this huge cybersecurity problem in America. Please. As for Zuckerberg, Mark is a nice guy. He should step down from Facebook and let adults who understand nationals security and the role of media in a democracy run Facebook.