James Comey is a National Treasure
James Comey is a National Treasure

Audible Review: James Comey, National Treasure, A True Class Act!!

Like many people who have reviewed this book, it was not easy to decide to venture into the mind and worldview of Jim Comey due to the intense negative press and sound bites about this book in the days before final release. I had actually preordered, then cancelled my preorder, and then repurchased / downloaded “A Higher Loyalty” to listen to on a drive to Chiang Rai from Chiang Mai, a popular highway in Northern Thailand known for scenic views and twisty, curvy roads.

It’s ironic that Trump and his surrogates were making this book out to be about Trump. It’s always about Trump, a man consumed with himself, like a fire raging in a bully in need of attention. However, James Comey tells us the story of a man who has tried all of this life to do the right thing. Comey admits his (small and almost trivial) mistakes as tries to learn from each one of them.

As I listened to James Comey tell his story, about a quarter of the way into the book, I could not help but think “Wow! James Comey is a National Treasure”. Then as I listened more, I thought “Really! James Comey should be President and run the country”. Then, as I listened more, I thought, “this is the best autobiography I have every listened to, I am learning so much”. I admire James Comey more than ever after listening to this book.

In fact, I envy James Comey. He is everything I have always wanted to be and more. I share in James Comey’s values, his humanism, his sense of duty and honesty and his integrity. The difference is that Jim Comey is so much better than me. I do not say this lightly. James Coney is a fantastic human being. I wish I was more like him.

Years ago, when I was helping the US Air Force, as a consultant, I had the honor to work with some of the finest USAF officers, honorable men and men of extremely high integrity, and I learned a lot from them. I’ve always strived for the highest integrity and it often seems like finding men (and women) of similar traits is so difficult and often lonely. James Comey is the ethical leader I have always wanted to be; but Comey is much greater a true American Hero than I could ever be no matter how hard I tried. I truly envy and admire James Comey and hope he will continue to find ways to serve our country. Go Jim Go!!

Actually, I’m speechless.

James Comey is, without a doubt, one of the finest human beings on the planet. He is a National Treasure. James Comey is someone everyone can look up to. I do.

For the mistakes that James Comey may or may not have made along the way, my reaction is “Wow, you have done thousands of good deeds in service to our country; Thank You! Keep making mistakes Jim Comey! Only those who do nothing, never make mistakes.

During the Trump presidency, I have started to develop the opinion that the alt-right term “deep state” is a code word for “law and order” and “adherence to the rule of law in America”. It’s seems the lawless and the hateful and those who do not love American values and diversity, freedom of religion and freedom of the press, attack “law and order” in American but they call it an attack on “the deep state”. This has made me sad and also worried about America. However, James Comey and people like him give me great hope.

This book is just great. This book is not about Trump. This is a book about greatness written by a man who, not loyal to party or politics, but loyal to the law and ethics, found himself, time and time again, in situations where he had to chose between a higher set of values and ethics, or party and politics. It’s no wonder James Comey has and is relentlessly attacked by Democrats and Republicans. James Comey stands firmly in the middle of the partisan road, getting run over by both sides.

Someone once told me that ‘standing for ethics and honesty comes with a very high price” and James Comey paid this price with, as he titles his book, a “higher loyally” at a time when the President of the United States runs the country like he is the head of an organized crime family. The problem with this crime boss analogy is that it is insulting to historical organized crime bosses, who on the face of it, seem to have a higher code of honor that Donald J. Trump does.

This book should be required reading / listening for all high school students in America.

Thank you James Comey!

PS: If you need anything, give me a call. I would fly across the world to help you Mr. James Comey, National Treasure, True American Hero.