Complex Event Processing in Distributed Systems

In 1998 David C. Luckham and Brian Frasca published a paper, Complex Event Processing in Distributed Systems on a new technology called complex event processing, or CEP (Postscript Version}.

“Complex event processing is a new technology for extracting information from message-based systems.” – David Luckham and Brian Frasca

Conference Papers and Thesis

This table contains a survey of conference papers and thesis that reference Luckham and Frasca’s paper on CEP.


Date Author(s) Organization Document
August 2006 Zhang Yelei University of Twente, NL Index Processing for Complex Event Detection
December 16, 2005 Shariq Rizvi University of California at Berkeley Complex Event Processing Beyond Active Databases: Streams and Uncertainties
October 30, 2004 Aravind Nambi University of Hamberg Monitoring and Managing Business Processes and Resources in J2EE Platform
May 26, 2003 Hesham Hallal et al CRIM & Siemens AG An Automata-based Approach to Property Testing in Event Traces
May 2003 Philip E. Varner University of Virginia Policy Specification for Non-Local Fault Tolerance in Large Distributed Information Systems
April 14, 2003 Karthikeyan Bhargavan & Carl Gunter University of Pennsylvania Network Event Recognition
December 2002 Scott A. Hendrickson et al University of California, Irvine An Approach for Tracing and Understanding Asynchronous Systems
May 25, 2002 Robert E. Filman & Diana D. Lee NASA Ames Research Center Managing Distributed Systems with Smart Subscriptions
October 2001 Philip N. Gross et al Columbia University An Active Events Model for Systems Monitoring
1999 Louis Perrochon, Walter Mann, Stephane Kasriel, & David C. Luckham Stanford University Event Mining with Event Processing Networks
1999 James Vera, Louis Perrochon & David C. Luckham Stanford University Event-Based Execution Architectures for Dynamic Software Systems
1999 Louis Perrochon Stanford University Using Context-Based Correlation in Network Operations and Management
1999 Louis Perrochon & Walter Mann Stanford University Inferred Designs
1998 Alexandre Santoro, Walter Mann, Neel Madhav * David Luckham Stanford University & TIBCO Software eJava – Extending Java with Causality